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Korea Bus Stop

Beginner Korean Course

This course is created for Korean learners who have learned to read hangul, struggle with

sentence making, don't know any grammar, and don't know many words or phrases.

What's Included:

Lesson #s: 18 lessons

Course Length: 9 weeks

Asynchronous / Self - Paced Learning Track

Homework/Practice Sheet Amount: 50+ sheets of practice provided TOTAL (a doable amount of 5-6 sheets a week)

Hours of "Immersion" (listening & reading exercises) : approximately 5 hours

* taught in English 

Optional Built-In Study Routine that you can follow

Tools/Equipment Needed:

  • Phone, Tablet, or Computer

  • Instagram

  • Google Docs

  • No camera needed


Total - $35 USD | 32.13 EUR | 47.86 CAD

Initial Deposit Required - $10 USD | 9.18 EUR | 13.67 CAD

(this will save your spot)

Final Payment on the first week of course - $25 USD | 22.95 EUR | 34.18 CAD


Course Start Date: Friday, 21st of June, 2024

Course End Date: Sunday, 25th of August, 2024

Class Times: n/a for self-paced

Fridays > 2:15 pm ~ 3:00 pm EST 

Sundays > 3:00 pm ~ 3:45 pm EST

*you don't have to be at every meeting, especially if the time is conflicting for you

Time Commitment : 

2.5 hours of learning time a week

Weekly class - 1,5 hours total (45 mins, 2x a week)

Weekly recap - 30 minutes total (at least 10 mins, 3x a week)

(Weekly recap refers to completing the practice sheets  / homework provided)

Independent study - 30 minutes total - at least 15 mins, 2x a week

(Independent study is time spent outside the lesson doing listening and reading activities I will provide, but is optional)


In other words, you are unable to join in and participate in the class calls. However, you can still access the course materials.

Join courses as a “self-paced” learner!

choosing this option means you will get access to all other course features like:

> Korean lesson notes (written and video lessons)

> Homework/Practice that goes along with the lessons

> Reading & Listening materials that are provided in the course

Keep in mind:

choosing this option means you will NOT be joining the actual class during our call, but learning individually using the course materials. Lessons and other materials will be sent on a week by week basis.

Course Concepts:

Here's A Week by Week Breakdown: (information is subject to change before the course starts) WEEK ONE: - Lesson 1: Sentence Structure & Making Longer Sentences - Lesson 2: Verb Conjugations - present tense + 있다 Introduction WEEK TWO: - Lesson 3: Particles Introduction - 은/는 - Lesson 4: Verb Conjugations - past tense WEEK THREE: - Lesson 5: Particles Lesson - 을/를 - Lesson 6: Noun Conjugations - 이다 (이에요/예요/입니다) WEEK FOUR: - Lesson 7: Word Negations - 아니다, 없다, 모르다 - Lesson 8: Particles Lesson - 이/가 WEEK FIVE: - Lesson 9: Particle Lesson - 에 & 에서 - Lesson 10: Verb Conjugations - future tense WEEK SIX: - Lesson 11: Sentence Negations - 안, 지 않아요 - Lesson 12: Sino Numbers (0-10,000) WEEK SEVEN: - Lesson 13: Sentence Negations - 못, 지 못해요 - Lesson 14: Conjunctions - 그리고, 그래서, 하지만 WEEK EIGHT: - Lesson 15: Dates & Days of the week - Lesson 16: And in Korean - 와/과, (이)랑, 하고 WEEK NINE: - Lesson 17: Native Numbers (0-99) + Ages - Lesson 18: V-(으)ㄹ 수 있다 / 없다 = Can & Can’t Besides the lesson content, there will also be "Independent study" tasks each week. I may have you learn things we don't have time to go over during the class OR reading and listening activities to improve your comprehension.

Why Should You Consider This Course:

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