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(으)세요, 지 마세요 Lesson | How to Make Commands & Requests in Korean

KoreanStudyJunkie입니다. Let's learn how to politely ask someone to do something or to not do something.

V + (으)세요 = Please (verb)


  • to politely request, suggest something, or make a command

  • can also be used to end a question to make the question more polite. (Requesting info)

  • Ex: 영어 하세요? (= can you speak Korean?)

  • Ends in consonant - 으세요 | Ends in vowel - 세요

  • 세요 is a shortened version of -셔요, which comes from the suffix -시. -시 is used to make verbs and adjectives more polite

  • (으)십시요 is the same thing as -(으)세요, but is a very formal way of giving commands.


거기 앉으세요 - Please sit there.

내일 시험이 있으니 열심히 공부하세요.

Since there is a test tomorrow, please study hard.

물 더 주세요 - Please give me more water


아/어 주다 - Give; To do something for someone


  • 주다 on it’s own means “to give”

  • By adding ~아/어 주다 to the stem of a word, you can imply that the action is somehow beneficial to you (or whoever the action is being done for)

  • It’s almost as if you’re telling someone to do you a “favor” and do it for you

  • Conjugate the first verb before adding 주다

  • Usually (으)세요 (what we just learnned) is added to make your request more polite


- 아/어 주세요 = Please do for me


창문을 열어 주세요.

Please open the window. (For me)

선생님은 저에게 설명해 줬어요.

The teacher explained it to me.

아/어 주다 + negative situations


  • 지 말다 is used when telling somebody not to do something

  • you can put ~아/어 주다 and ~지 말다 together to create the meaning of “please don’t do it for me”

  • V -지 말아 주다 (지 말아 주세요)

  • Note that this form isn't used very often. Usually the grammar mentioned below this is used instead o 지 말아 주다


수업 시간 동안 자지 말아 주세요.

Please don’t sleep in my class.

저를 쳐다보지 말아 주세요.

Please don’t stare at me.


지 마세요 - Don’t do it


  • this is a form of 지 말다, except it’s a different meaning than we just learned

  • 지 마 means you are commanding someone not to do something (not for you, but just in general)

  • 지 마 + 세요 = polite command


가지 마세요 - Please don’t go

너무 빨리 먹지 마세요 -  Don’t eat your food too fast

슬퍼하지 마세요 - Please don’t be sad


어떤 책을 읽으세요?

Which book are you reading?

그걸 내일까지 해 주세요.

Please have it done by tomorrow.

앞으로는 더 조심해 주세요.

Please be more careful in future.

샐러드와 드레싱을 섞지 말아 주세요.

Please don't mix the salad and the dressing.

담배는 피우지 말아주세요.

No smoking, please.

목이 아프면 말을 많이 하지 마세요.

If you’re sick, please don’t talk a lot.

엘리베이터를 타지 말고 계단으로 올라가세요.

Please don’t ride the elevator, but go up the stairs. (Instead)

박물관 안에서 사진을 찍지 마세요.

Please don’t take pictures inside of the museum.


That's the end of the lesson, but feel free to check out more here on! If you have any suggestions fot what you want to see a lesson on, leave a comment below!



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