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Hello everyone! Today we will talk about the particle 밖에.

It expresses the only thing or the only option available with no possibility of anything else.

The word that comes before 밖에 has a connotation of being very small or few in number. Moreover, a negative form must follow it.

Finally, it cannot be followed by 아니다, imperative or propositive forms.


그책을 많이 읽었어요?

Did you read much of that book?

어려워서 다섯 쪽밖에 못 읽었어요.

It's difficult so I could only read 5 pages.

파티에 사람들이 많이 왔어요?

Did a lot of people come to the party?

30명을 초대했어요. 그런데 20명밖에 안 왔어요.

I invited 30 people, but only 20 came.

시간이 얼마나 남았어요?

How much time is left?

10분밖에 안 남았어요.

There are only 10 minutes left.

Okay guys that is the end of this blog, I hope it help you and BYE EVERYONE!



Keep smiling!

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It's simple and clear to learn! 감사합니다! 😊

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I was so scared that won't be clear enough. 감사합니다:)

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