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Crime/Law Scene in Korea - and i don't mean the k-drama

Well 안녕하세요 there little korean fellas. It's me again (evil laugh). Today i'm going to talk about the crime and law scene in Korea.

Firstly in Korea you difference in public law (공법) and civil law (민법). That means a part of the legislation is for the public fraud, like police, and for the civil rights. In Korea the law focus on the rehabilitation and reintergration into society. For example someone is caught taking drugs the person will get monetary penalty (금전적처벌) and a penalty of liberty (자유의 형벌). The penalty of liberty will be as probationary period and after this time period is finished, the penal won't be in any register anymore. But penal wouldn't be the right word for it to be honest. In Korea the law is based on the fact that the prepetraor recognizes and improves the gravity of the actions. Plus in Korea the worth of pride is much higher because oftens it's the whole family that is drawn in.

Also if a person dies, all crimes he made are "forgotten", that means the state can't take any investigations further, for example the previous mayor of seoul (09. july 2020). It happens often that the suspected attemps suicide so the pride of his family won't get damaged. Sometimes you find a farwell letter in which the suspect makes his confession but because of the law no one is allowed to weight it.

The highest penalty measure are 50 years a korean citizens can get when it come to penalty of liberty. But if it comes to a serious crime the suspected person can get life long penalty of liberty. That means 10 years penalty of liberty or litteraly a life long, till you die. A alternative is the dead sentence, but that only happens when the suspected person is a rebel or plans a confusion with the foreign.

It's not that much to say but you can clearly see that the korean law system is quite a interesting piece of work. When I look at the law system and crime scene in Germany (where I live) nobody get's the crime "forgotten" to be honest and I think the highest penalty you can get are 15 years in prison. And we don't have any dead sentences.

But that would resume my entry for this week :) I hope you liked the post and you know a little bit more about the korean crime and law scene!

Bye bye


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