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Difference between 금방 and 방금!

Today let's talk about the difference between 금방 and 방금. Personally, I think these two words are pretty cool, looking closely you will notice that the syllables are simply flipped around. Interesting right?

방금 means 'just' or a 'moment ago' and is used to describe an action or event that occured in the nearby past.

Examples -

방금 일어났어요 I just woke up.

방금 작업을 완료했습니다. I just completed the work.

On the other hand, 금방 is often translated as 'soon' or 'shortly' and hence is used to describe a event or an action that is predicted to happen or is going to happen in the near future.

Examples -

숙제 금방 할게. I'll do my homework soon.

금방갈 거야. I'll be there soon.

I hope you are now able to distinguish between 금방 and 방금. I will see you in the next lesson. Till then visit the website to learn more.

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