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Difference between 머리 vs 머리카락 vs 털

여러분, 안녕하세요! I am Vaibhavi. In today's lesson let's look at the difference between 머리 vs 머리카락 vs 털. 시작하자!

A) 머리 has two meanings. :

First meaning: Head


1) 아야! 머리를 부딪쳤어요.= Ouch! I've hit my head.

2) 이 음악 때문에 머리가 아파요! = This music is giving me a headache!

3) 헬멧으로 머리를 보호하세요. = Please protect your head with a helmet.

Second Meaning: Hair


1) 그 여자분이 머리를 빨갛게 염색했어요.= She has dyed her hair red.

2) 그는 머리스타일이 이상해요.= He has a bizarre haircut.

3) 오늘 머리를 잘랐어요. I had a haircut today.

B) 머리카락 also means hair.

According to dictionary 머리and 머리카락 are interchangeable but according to native Korean speakers 머리 is commonly used for hairstyle or when you means the whole portion of hair. On the other hand, 머리카락 is generally used for strands of hair.


1) 머리카락 또한 정전기가 자주 발생하는요.=Thinning of the hair also occurs frequently.

2) 바닥에 머리카락이 많아요.= There are many (pieces of ) hair on the floor.

C) 털:

털 has two meanings; firstly it is used for animal fur or hair and secondly it is used to talk about hairs on another parts of the body except hair on head.


1) 강아지 털이 부드러워요.= The dog’s fur is soft.

2) 쥐는 털이 짧아요.= A mouse has short hair.

3) 다리에 털이 많아요. = I have a lot of hair on my leg.

That's it for today's lesson. For more such free lessons visit .

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