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How To Say "Um" In Korean | Korean Filler Words & Sentence Starters

Welcome to or welcome back to another lesson. I'm KoreanStudyJunkie and today we will learn some filler words that can "enhance" or Korean.

In case you don't know what filler words are allow me to "fill" you in. When you are trying to remember a word or remember what you were about to say you use filler words. In English for example, we use "Uhm" but actually in Korean they don't say "um" the way we do. A few more examples are "like" or "well" or "you know"

By using the filler words listed below you'll sound more fluent. I included a few "sentence starters" in this post as well. Which basically means you can start a sentence with it or you can begin a conversation easily by using it.

For Example:

"Honestly speaking, blah blah blah"

"Of course! blah blah blah"

"Anways... blah blah"

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Full List:

음.. Umm

> more of a hmm sound than a strong uhm sound

어.. Uh..

그.. Uh..

저.. Well.. when thinking, hesitating

막 carelessly, recklessly

> similar to the filler word ‘like’

자! Ok!

> to get listeners’ attention in a speech

뭐지 - What was that..?, You know...when you can’t think of something

뭐더라 - What was that..?, You know

> when you can’t think of something

무슨 말을 하려고 했지? - what was I going to say?

뭐랄까.. How can I explain this..?

뭐라고? What? What did you say?

네? or 예? - Pardon? What did you say?

그게..That is..

그러니까.. I mean..

그럼... (If that's the case) then...

그럼요 - of course

물론 - of course

물론이지 - of course

있잖아- Hey, listen to this

> to draw attention

저기요 - Excuse me

> to draw attention of an unfamiliar person

에이~ Come on~ (when you don’t believe what someone is saying)

야 - Hey! , Hey you!

> can be rude not meant as a greeting

진짜 - really

정말 - really

맞아(요) right

네 - I see

그렇구나 - I see

그렇군요 - I see

오!- Oh!

아!- Ah!

우와! - Wow!

참!- Oh I just remembered!

아야! - Ouch!

글쎄.. or 글쎄요 - Well.., I'm not sure.., Let me see..

> can be another way to say "umm"

그래? or 그래요? Is that so?

설마 - No way

세상에- Oh my god

말하자면 - in short

반면에 - on the other hand

아이고! - Oops!

어머나! - Oops!

어머! - Oops!

아무튼- anyway

어쨌든- anyway

그다지- not really, not much

솔직히- honestly

설직히 말하면 - speaking honestly, honestly speaking, to be frank, to be honest with you

왜? - what?

> can use when someone calls your name or tries to get your attention

왜냐하면 - because...

> you can use -거든요 at the end of the sentence whenever you pair it with 왜냐하면

오늘은 - today

> when your speaking your plans for today

지금은 - right now

> talking about something happening right now

If you want to say "I mean" or "I meant to say" there is not special word. simply pause for a second and start your sentence over (people will know)


That is all for this lesson! I hope this list serves you well and helps you sound a bit more fluent in conversations. Obviously you don't want to overdue it but If you can use a few of these when you need to take a pause to think about what you're saying it's fine.

Leave a like on this blog and comment below your favorite filler word or sentence starter if you are feeling bold enough.

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