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Korean Constitution Day - July 17, 2022

안녕하세요 여러분. 저는 Kynnede예요.

This lesson is about Constitution Day in South Korea. This national holiday is called 제헌절 in Korea, and it's celebrated every year on July 17. The significance of this holiday is to commemorate the creation of the Constitution of the country. In 1948, it was declared a national holiday, but in 2008, it was no longer a non-working day.

Besides that, it's still a holiday worth celebrating. A commemorative ceremony is held at the National Assembly Building where citizens hang national flags; events such as marathons are often held to commemorate the holiday.

In this lesson, I will be talking about what is Constitution Day, its importance, and essential vocabulary related to the national holiday.

What is Constitution Day?

On Constitution Day or 제헌절, South Koreans remember and celebrate the creation of the Republic of Korea. The constitution is important because its role is to protect individual freedom. This day is for South Koreans to honor that. Sometimes, we forget that a country's independence is something for its citizens to be grateful for. 제헌절 is a reminder for us to appreciate the freedom of one's country.

The reason why 제헌절 is no longer a non-working public holiday is that the laws were changed regarding working hours. Companies and schools are open as usual on this day.

This holiday is celebrated annually on July 17, the date in 1948 that the Constitution of the Republic of Korea was in effect.

What Happens on This Day?

Many activities are held, most of which are directly related to the legal system and other government systems. At the National Assembly Building, where Korean laws are passed, a ceremony is held in front of the building in the morning time at Yeouido, Seoul. In the event, the President, Chairman of the National Assembly, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and the National Representatives also participate. Citizens hang national flags, marathons, college student debates, and events related to law-making at elementary and middle schools.

The Korean College Student Debate is another special event where students hold a heated debate on various topics such as the release of sex offenders' private information and the legalization of same-sex marriage.

Numerous events are held related to law-making at elementary and middle schools. One of them is to mock the legal court for children. Students become a judge or a lawyer to learn about the law and daily life in a court-like atmosphere. They address legal issues related to children, such as school violence and bullying.

Essential Vocabulary for Korean Constitution Day

  • 제헌절 - Constitution Day

  • 대한민국 - The Republic of Korea

  • 준법정신 - the law-abiding spirit

  • 공포 - promulgation

  • 태극기 게양 - National flag hoisting

  • 국회의사당 - national assembly building

  • 1948년 7월 17일 - July 17, 1948

  • 청구백사십팔년 칠월 십칠일 - July 17, 1948

  • 2022년 7월 17일 - July 17, 2022

  • 헌법 제정 - enactment of the constitution

  • 헌법 - constitution

  • 국회의원 - a member of the national assembly

That's it. I hope you've enjoyed learning about South Korea's Constitution Day with me! Let me know what you think in the comments. What does your country's Constitution Day look like? I look forward to hearing from you. 안녕!


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