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What's the difference between 지금 & 이제? | Now vs Now?

안녕하세요~ It's Koreanstudyjunkie. If you're here it's because you are wondering what is the different between 지금 & 이제, right? They both are translated as "Now" so are they interchangeable or actually have to be used at different times. Let's find out!

지금 = right now, in this moment

이제 = from now on


Example Sentences:

그는 지금 저녁 식사 중입니다

He's having dinner right now.

유민이는 민준이와 함께 있는 지금 이 순간이 너무 행복했어요.

Yoo Min was so happy at this moment with Minjun.

지금 당장은 더 필요 없어요.

I don´t need any at the moment.

유민이는 지난 주말에도 지금처럼 빨간 원피스를 입고 있었어요.

Yoo-min was wearing a red dress last weekend as she is now.

학생들은 지금 교실에서 수업을 듣고 있어요.

Students are taking classes in the classroom now.

제가 지금 떠나도 될까요?

Is it OK if I leave now?

우리가 지금 계획을 바꿀 수는 없어요.

We can’t change our plans now.


Example Sentences:

그 이야기는 이제 그만 하자

Let's stop talking about that.

예전에 입던 옷이 이제는 안 맞아요.

The clothes I used to wear don't fit me anymore.

이제 갈 길이 멀지 않아요.

There’s not far to go now.

TV가 이제 완벽하게 나온다.

The TV works perfectly now.

그는 이제 더 이상 여기 안 살아요.

He no longer lives here.

내 에세이는 이제 거의 끝났어요.

My essay is almost finished now.



Notice that in most of the 이제 example sentences I used, It seemed like either definition could have been used and the

sentence would still make sense (from now on or in the moment) It depends on the meaning you want to convey in your sentence.

지금 & 이제 have been a source of confusion for many people learning Korean. These 2 can be used interchangeably.

They both have more than one definition. And at least 2 of those definitons is the exact same: "This moment being spoken of." & "The present." Therefore, In certain situations they can be used interchangebly.

However, the other definitons are different. 이제 has a definition that means "From now on." So when you want to give that meaning you should use 이제 Instead.

Here's The Original Post! That's it for this one - we've got plenty more lessons and posts waiting for you here. If you enjoyed this lesson and want to see a specific lesson be made, don't be afraid to reach out and leave a comment or message me on Instagram!

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