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Words Used in K-Pop (Part 3)

Hi! Welcome come or welcome back to KoreanStudyJunkie. I’m Angel and in this blog post we are going to talk about 10 words that you’ll find in K-pop songs part 3. If you haven't read part 1, you can check it here, and click here for part 2. If you're curious about the reason why K-Pop can help you learn Korean, you can read the reason here.


It's a little bit different from the 2 part before, because I try to breakdown the line in the example. I'm really sorry if I made mistakes, you can tell me the correction in the comment down below😊

믿어 = believe/ trust

ex. (Really Really - Winner)

내 맘을 믿어줘 = please give a trust in me/ please believe in my heart/ please believe in me


내 is an abbreviation from 나의 that comes from 나 (I or me) and 의 that used to describe ownership. So 내 and 나의 means my

맘을 comes from the abbreviation of 마음 (heart) attached with 을 as an object particle

믿어 comes from 믿다 a dictionary form of "to believe" and to turn a dictionary form to a basic conjugation grammar, we take out the 다 and add 어

줘 is an abbreviation from 주세요 that has a literal meaning "please give me"

함께 = together/with

ex. (Wa Da Da - Kep1er)

우리 함께 higher, higher = we're together (going) higher, higher


우리 means us/ we

함께 means together (synonym : 같이)

노래 = song

ex. (Darari - Treasure)

널 보고 있음 음악이 = it’s the music when (I'm) seeing you

(Seeing the lines before is 다라라라라라리, I believe the music they mean is the da-ra-ri line)


널 is an abbreviation from 너 (you) and 를 is an object particle

보고 있음 comes from 보다 as a dictionary form of “to see”, attached to 고 있다 as a present progressive grammar, and attached to 음 that change verbs to nouns.

음악이 comes from 음악 (music) and 이 as a subject marking particle

세상 = world

ex. (Blue Hour - Tomorrow by Together)

세상 하나뿐인 special = in the word (you're) one and only, special.


세상 means world

하나뿐인 comes from 하나 means one and 뿐이다 (only) with 는 as a topic marking particles

약속 = promise

ex. (Neverending story - Stray Kids)

세상이 바뀌어도 변치 않아 약속해 줄래 = Even if the world change, we're not (going to) change, would you promise (that)?

breakdown : 2

세상이 comes from 세상 (world) and 이 as an subject marking particles

바뀌어도 comes from 바뀌다 (to be change/ to become different) and attached to 도 (too/even if)

변치 않아 comes from 변하지 that has been abbreviated to 변치, and 변치 mostly paired with negative expression such as 않아, and 변치 않아 means "not change"

약속해 줄래 comes from 약속하다 (to promise) and 줄래 that comes from 주다 (to give) and -ㄹ래 (would you), so 약속해 줄래 means "would you promise?"

집 = home/house

ex. (My House - 2 PM)

it’s alright 우리 집으로 가자 = it's alright, let's go to my house

breakdown :

우리 usually means us/we, but it can also means my. Like in the phrase 우리 엄마, that phrase means my mom

집으로 comes from 짐 (home/house) and 으로 (to/ by)

가자 comes from 가다 (to go) and ~자 (let's)

아직 = still

ex. (Shine - Pentagon)

아직도 많이 좋아할 것 같아 = I think I still like you a lot

breakdown :

아직 means yet/ still, and to emphasize the "still" they use 아직도

많이 means much/ many/ a lot

좋아할 것 같아 comes from 좋아하다 (to like) attached to ㄹ 것 같아 as a grammar to express "I think"

언제나 = always

ex. (Beautiful - Crush)

언제나 널 지켜 줄게 = (I) will always protect/ take care of you

breakdown :

언제나 means always

널 is an abbreviation from 너 (you) and 를 as an object marking particle

지켜 줄게 comes from 지키다 (protect/ take care) and 줄게 that comes from 주다 (to give) and -ㄹ게 (I will)

별 = star

ex. (Mikrokosmos - BTS)

별처럼 다 (우린 빛나) = we all shine like a star

breakdown :

별처럼 comes from 별 (star) and ~처럼 (like a ~)

다 means all

우린 is an abbreviation from 우리 (we/ us) and 는 as a topic marking particles

빛나 means shine (dictionary form 빛나다)

달 = moon

ex. (Friends - BTS)

난 달에서, 넌 별에서 = I’m from moon and you’re from star

breakdown :

난 is and abbreviation from 나 (I/ me) and 는 as a topic marking particles

달에서 comes from 달 (moon) and ~에서 (from)

넌 is and abbreviation from 너 (you) and 는 as a topic marking particles

별에서 comes from 별 (star) and ~에서 (from)

If you have other examples for the words that I mentioned, you can leave them in the comment section below or if you have any K-Pop song that is on your on-repeat playlist that you want me to mention in the next blog post, let me know 😉

And If you like this kinda content, leave a like as well.

see you next time! 다음에 또 봐요!💕

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