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[Writers Wanted] | 2023 Join KoreanStudyJunkie’s Team And Become A Blog Writer

Updated: Jan 11

Interested in becoming a blog writer for KoreanStudyJunkie then keep reading. You don’t have to be a blogger or have a certain number of followers or be a certain age - everyone is welcome to be a blog writer. I will explain your duties as a blog writer, a few rules I came up with, the different positions, and how you can officially sign-up. Be aware that this is a volunteer position and somewhat experimental. I hope this becomes a regular thing though.

DISCLAIMER: I will only be choosing 5 people and even though I list the different roles below, everyone I choose will be in the blog editor position. It's temporary and after about 3 months I will pick new people to be blog writers as well. If I select you I will message you directly on Instagram within the next week or so, so leave your correct Instagram handle in the comments below!

Roles & Permissions:

there are 3 different roles on my website that you can be. each role has a different things that they can and cannot do. the higher the rank, the more responsibilities there are. below I list them and describe what they can do. be aware that these descriptions come directly from my site provider (the platform I used to make my website) so I cannot change them, but I will add some things like rules for each role so you know what things you are responsible for doing.

RANK 1 ~ Guest Writer

RANK 2 ~ Blog Writer

RANK 3 ~ Blog Editor

Rank 1 ~ Guest Writer

[can write posts but cannot publish them. posts must be approved and published by a blog editor or site owner aka me - KSJ ]

Rank 2 ~ Blog Writer

[can write and publish posts. cannot create or manage categories.]

If you look at my blog you’ll notice it has different categories like ‘Korean Grammar’ or ‘Korean Numbers’ they just make it easier to find posts that are about a specific topic.

Rank 3 ~ Blog Editor

[can fully manage the blog - write, edit, publish, approve, manage and create categories, and more. highest rank with the most responsibilities]

What Will I Even Write About?

this is a really good question and the answer is anything related to Korea and the Korean language. I will list out some Ideas for what you could do.

For Kpop Fans : you could make a list of your favorite girl/boy groups or your favorite songs. you could review Korean groups or make a guide for people who want to learn all the members names or faces or are just new to the fandom. you could break down the lyrics from your favorite Korean song and study and learn as well as write. you can do anything like this and more so be creative and come up with more ideas as well.

For Kdrama Fans : you could do a weekly review of an episode of your favorite drama or movie. you could make a list of vocabulary you hear often in dramas. you could make a list of all the beat dramas that someone should watch and why. you can do lots more with this topic, be creative.

For Avid Korean Learners : you can write out a lesson or a summary of a lesson on something that you just learned. you can make a vocabulary list using words you just learned. you can give other learners some tips for how to study grammar, vocabulary, or etc. you could answer frequently asked questions that people have or recommend your favorite books, youtubers, or resources. there are endless ideas for this one. this is a great idea for reviewing something that you just learned.


~ Must Post At Least 1 Blog Per Week (no matter the role you choose - this is expected of everyone and is in my opinion not a big commitment)

~ If 2 Weeks In A Row Pass By & You Have Not Published At Least 1 Blog, You Will Be Removed As A Blog Writer (you may sign-up again even if you get removed - blog editors may receive a warning or be demoted to blog writer instead for missing 2 weeks of posting)

  • you will not be eligible to receive a free book if you are removed though even if you immediately sign up again.

~ Weekly Check-In : You Can Message Me Often, But If Not At Least Once A Week To Check-In With Me (I want to keep in contact with you and also have a good relationship, this way I can make sure you did your part and you can ask me if you need help or need new Ideas)

~ You Can Abandon or Change Your Position At Anytime (by not posting for 3-4 weeks in a row or directly telling me that you are stepping down from your current role or that you wish to switch to another role)


Rank 1 ~ Guest Writer

[can write posts but cannot publish them. posts must be approved and published by a blog editor or site owner aka me - KSJ ]

  • write 1 post a week (you can write way more than this if you want, but you aren’t obligated to)

  • message me or a blog writer to approve and publish your post for you

  • this position has the most freedom and can write about any topic as long as It’s related to Korean

Rank 2 ~ Blog Writer

[can write and publish posts. cannot create or manage categories.]

  • write 2 posts a week (even if you only do 1 post a week it’s okay, but I would like it if you could post 2 most of the time)

  • if you write 2 posts in a week, make sure that they are not on the same topic or category

  • publish posts for the guest writers

  • try to make at least 1 Korean learning post a week

Rank 3 ~ Blog Editor

[can fully manage the blog - write, edit, publish, approve, manage and create categories, and more. highest rank with the most responsibilities]

  • write 2-3 posts a week (once again, at least 1 post is fine)

  • approve and publish guest writer’s blogs

  • create categories for blog writer’s if needed

  • try to make blogs on less covered subjects (for example if you notice that no one made a post about vocabulary this week then you can try to make one about vocabulary)

Reasons Why You Should Become A Blog Writer:

~ You are a creative person and/or you like writing

~ You have free time and It could be a fun hobby

~ You can promote your Instagram account or products

~ You can use it as a review of things that you recently learned or are learning

~ Teaching others is one of the best ways to learn something quickly

~ You like teaching or you want to be a teacher one day

~ Help others who are struggling with a concept

~ Hold yourself accountable for studying Korean and stay consistent

~ You want to be a blogger one day and this is good practice

~ You want to learn more about the behind the scenes of KoreanStudyJunkie

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Become A Blog Writer:

~ You don’t have the time to be consistent with writing 1 blog a week

~ You don’t like writing or are not interested in blogging

~ You prefer studying Korean on your own

~ You don’t care or want to become a blogger or writer

I Want To Do This But How?

I will teach you everything you need to know about blogging on my website if you choose to join my team. I will show you the features and what they do and answer any questions you have. I will make sure that everyone knows what to do first, before we officially begin. When you write a blog and it’s published your name should appear at the bottom of it. It’s very easy to learn and trust me I am not good with computers, so If I can learn anyone can haha. If you are willing to learn and lend me your support then we will make an awesome team.

How To Become A Blog Team Member:

To “Sign-up” simply comment below this blog and say “I Volunteer”. Leave your Instagram name in your comment as well and I will message you soon to ask you some questions like “which role you would like” or “how long have you been studying Korean”. You can also just directly message me on Instagram and say “I Volunteer”. The questions are just to know whether or not you are suited for a certain role or not. 1 criteria would be you at least know how to read Korean and If you don’t you have time to learn - I would start working on that right now If you are interested. There’s no limit to the amount of writers and I’m going to be opening it up to everyone for the rest of March.


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