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Absolute Beginner Guide To Korean

Absolute Beginner Guide To Korean

The lessons are easy to understand and practices/quizzes are provided throughout the book. Consisting of 180 pages in total - There are 17 lessons + 21 different practice sections for each lesson with 20 answer sheets, and “pop” vocabulary quizzes (8 in all) scattered throughout to test how many words you are learning as you go. Before the lessons are a list of all the vocabulary included in that lesson (about 15 vocab lists), and around 250 common Korean words are used & introduced in this book. List Of Everything Covered In This Book: How to introduce yourself, Sentence Structure (how to make and form korean sentences), How To Conjugate (politeness levels: formal, informal, & polite/casual), How to conjugate in present, past, future tense, and the present progressive tense (고 있다), How to count in Korean (sino & native numbers + their differences), how to tell the time, how to tell the date, how to tell your age in Korean, How to negate sentences (not & don’t) using 안 & 지 않다, How to make negative sentences using 아니다 (to not be), 없다 (to not have), 모르다 (to not know), and how to express your ability in korean with 못 & 지 못하다 (can’t)
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