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I offer 1 on 1 Korean lessons. The lessons are personalized to you and your needs and wants. Any Korean level can join! Lessons can be 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes long - it depends on you. We can meet up to 3 times a week. Lessons are hosted through Instagram. You can opt to receive personalized homework/extra practice sheets outside of our lessons.

Student Testimonials

I absolutely love working with @koreanstudyjunkie! I've been trying to learn Korean for a year now and she has helped me fill in the gaps! What I miss in class, she clears up and practices with me outside of class! I love the personalized extra practices she creates! Relly helpful! What I appreciate most, as a learner she is a learner too! So, the learning pains and "ah ha" moments are all things @koreansutdyjunkie can relate to! Highly recommend if you're looking for a tutor!! Follow her IG! Great stuff there! 

- Isabelle

USA, California

I have been lucky enough to have the pleasure of being tutored by Koreanstudyjunkie since the summer and I couldn’t recommend Koreanstudyjunkie more. Junie is super approachable and super encouraging and likes to share their love of Korean. Before we started tutoring, Junie asked me a bunch of questions to determine my Korean level, and from there we started to learn new things. Junie always makes sure to teach you something you don’t know or may not be comfortable with and work with you on building an understanding of that. In my case, I really want to improve my Korean level through grammar, speaking and listening and so Junie often will often structure the classes around working toward these goals. Koreanstudyjunkie also makes a homework for practice after every session, and then reviews it quickly the next session, which I find very helpful! I’ve had a few tutors in the past and have found it hard to find someone so caring as to take time out of their day to create an actual specific homework. I would recommend Junie’s tutoring/classes to anyone, especially those who would like a comfortable environment to learn Korean. :)

- Karlee


Korean Study Junkie gives such a personalized tutoring experience! I'm super pleased with the lesson plans, the custom homework, and fun tips! They're a pleasure to work with and I always have a great time in class! 

- Anning 

USA, Texas


I really enjoyed taking KoreanStudyJunkie's classes. If you want to focus on a specific area or all areas they will modify lessons to fit your needs. For example I really wanted to work on speaking and listening. They were so patient and understanding. I always have such fun conversations with them.

- Bethany

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