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Welcome To Korean Study Junkie's Official Website

Making Korean Learning Easier!

A Place Full Of Useful Korean Study Materials, Tools, & Tips
For Beginner & Intermediate Korean Learners.

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Would you like to Improve your Korean? This is the perfect group for you!

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We meet every Friday, Saturday, and SundayBeginners and Intermediates are split up into their own groups. Meetings are held at several times during the day for time-zones/your convenience! Groups are from 2-4 people usually. You can join more than 1 session as long as there is space. No cameras will be used, just voice chatting - We'll use Instagram for our sessions!

Upon joining the group, you'll also have access to extra practice. Every week there will be a new "Challenge" to keep you consistent and encourage you to use Korean. These challenges will sometimes include a prize for the winner(s).

By joining this group, you'll also get access to group chats that I created based on several different topics/themes.

You can feel free to use any chats at any time you'd like to practice.

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About Me

What is Korean Study Junkie?

Korean Study Junkie Is a small business run by one person (as of now), which would be me. I am a 21 year old, who has studied Korean since I was around 14 years old. The funny story Is that the name 'Korean Study Junkie' comes from when I was younger and would study for hours on end, simply because I was "addicted" to studying the Korean language. I had so much fun just studying on my own. I'm self-taught but I'm not fluent In Korean yet. I created Korean Study Junkie In order to help others like me, who are self-studying Korean. I know how difficult It can be so my mission, with the help of the people who use my content and products to study, Is to make It easier to learn and study this beautiful language. Let's become fluent together!

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