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The Digital Community Library

The original Idea behind the digital community library was to create a

place on the internet full of helpful, free, and unique Korean-learning and

study materials made by other Korean speakers, teachers, and learners of the community for their fellow Korean learners. You can create and submit your own lessons, books, or practices. This digital library is currently in the testing-phase and therefore some things and concepts are subject to change within the

next few months.


Each submission goes through a review process.

Keep reading to learn about the rules for getting a submission approved.

You can also visit "Templates & Tutorials" to see tutorials and

have access to basic templates that you can use to 

make your own works easily!

About Submissions

Rubric For All Digital PDF's & Submitted Materials:

> Must Be At Least 3-5 Pages Long

> Can't Be More Than 100 Pages

> Have Your Instagram or Business Name On The Cover

> Include "KoreanStudyJunkie" Name In Small Print, But Clearly Presented On At Least Every Other Page

> Re-uploading Things That You Don't Own or Didn't 

Make Yourself Is Strictly Forbidden

What Can Be Submitted?

Lessons (Grammar/Vocabulary-based), Practices or Quizzes, Templates, Planners or Study Guides, Picturebooks, Topik Prep Materials, Reading, Writing, Listening, or Speaking-based Practices, Hangul & Handwriting related Guides, Lessons, or Practices, Etc.

Who Can Submit Things?

This is a community library, so anyone of any Korean level can submit things. Any big mistakes that may appear in a submitted file will be revised and corrected before It's placed on the library for everyone. 

Vision For The Future

Imagine a singular place where you can find hundreds (maybe even thousands) of Korean resources on any and everything you could ever need. No more bouncing all over the internet for different things. If you don't see something you are looking for then you could be the one to make it. Years down the line, hundreds of Korean learners will still be coming here to use your lessons and practices to aide in their journeys to fluency.

You can even use this library to promote yourself, your website/social media, or your business. My website doesn't get hundreds or even thousands of visitors yet, but it's slowly growing each day. Eventually hundreds of people will visit the library

to study everyday. It could be a good

opportunity for you if you are starting a business

or want build exposure for your social media.

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