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Lee Sua - Picture Book Korean Vocab Spring Edition.pdf.png

Creator: Lee Sua

Spring Picture Book 


A cute pastel picture

book made for beginners of the Korean language

to expand their knowledge in a certain topic such as “Spring”. With pictures to help memorize each vocab word, which includes

fun and easy sentences

with each picture.

Spring To Me .png

Creator: 아미

SPRING in my book


If you want to know...

 just view it. It's as simple as that.

Spring Vocabulary (bts edition).png

Creator: Zaina

Spring Vocabulary

(bts edition)

Learn 12 common Spring vocabs, test your vocab with a small quiz +

bonus lesson

Hold my hand - IU.png.png

Creator: amandadefrias

Learn Korean

Through Songs

My creation is from a thread I created to optimize my own study. In this thread I choose a song I like and make an analysis of it. I firstly start by translating the song and searching expressions and words I don’t know about. Secondly, I understand the translated sentences through the context of the song. With this thread I found a more enjoyable way of learning and I hope this little sample of the actual project makes learning just as enjoyable to you as it makes it to me! 

Peaceful Spring.png

Creator: lwky_dopey

Peaceful Spring

A bunch of pictures that are connected SPRING SEASON, with vocabs and simple sentences.

Spring Vocabulary Writing Practice.png

Creator:Love Your Seoul

Spring Vocab

Writing Practice

Cute spring vocabulary book for beginners~ There is also WRITING PRACTICE after each word, so you can learn how to write it and remember it better! ^^ You can also find QUIZ at the end so you can test your knowledge of the vocab. Enjoy! <3

DCL Blank Book.png

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Book Name


DCL Blank Book.png

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