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-만큼 Lesson | As much as, Like

Updated: Mar 29

안녕 여러분! I'm Koreanstudyjunkie and In this lesson, I will give you a brief summary about 만큼. It's very similar to the grammar -처럼, but for a lot of people it's a bit more difficult.

-만큼 = as much as, like, to the extent..

Usage: Express something equivalent to another. Indicate an action or state is similar or the same as another. One thing that makes this grammar more difficult than 처럼 is the Englilsh translation of it, is usually awkward.



Adjective + (으)ㄴ 만큼

Ends with a consonant - 은 만큼

Ends with a vowel - ㄴ 만큼

Verb :

Present tense -는 만큼

Past tense - consonant + 은 만큼 , vowel + ㄴ 만큼

Future tense - consonant + 을 만큼, vowel + ㄹ 만큼

Noun + -만큼


Example Sentences:

누구나 일한 만큼 월급을 받아야 해요.

Everyone should be paid as much as they work.

딸이 엄마만큼 예뻐요.

The daughter is pretty like her mom. (An equal amount)

언니는 어머니만큼 요리를 잘해요.

My sister cooks as well as my mother. (They cook just as well as each other)

나도 골프를 당신만큼 칩니다

I play golf like you. (I can also play golf as well as you can)

그녀만큼 영어를 할 수 있으면 좋겠다.

I wish I could speak English as well as she can. (I wish my level was the same as her level)

이만큼 재미있는 책은 없어.

No book is more interesting than this one. (There is no book as interesting as THIS one)

시험의 결과는 공부하는 만큼 나오는 것 같아요.

I think the results of the test come out as much as I study. (My test results reflect how much and how hard I studied)

노력하는 만큼 성공할 수 있어요.

You can succeed as much as you try. (However much effort as you put in to doing something, you will succeed just as much)


That's it for this lesson! You can see related posts below this one. There may be something you like down there. What other grammar should I make a lesson on?

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