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Dialects of South Korea| 6 major dialects

안녕하세요(Annyeonghaseyo)! I'm EunHo(은호) from India(인도)! I'm learning Korean(한국어) since 1 year(1년) and can write a 150 word paragraph easily 😅.

Before we start, let's learn what the word Dialect is called in Korean

It's called 사투리

Shall we begin ? 시작할까요?

1. Gyeonggi Dialect

This dialect is understood by everyone in South Korea. This dialect is termed as the Standard Korean. You can hear this dialect in news, dramas, radios and even songs! When you learn Korean, you learn this dialect!

This dialect is even spoken by the Koreans who live abroad.

2. Gangwon Dialect

The Gangwon dialect is not very different from Standard Korean; as this region lies to the east of Gyeonggi-do.

This province is scarcely populated considering it's size. We cannot find much variation in the dialect in the western part of the province from Standard Korean, as this region is really close to Gyeonggi-do. Variations can however be observed in the eastern part to a grat extent in this province.

The most common difference is that they use (이)래요{(i)raeyo} rather than using the common 이에요/예요(i-e-yo/ye-yo) at the end of a sentence.

Moreover, we can find many vocabularies that aren't used in Standard Korean too!

3. Chungcheong dialect

This dialect is my personal favorite ;) If you want to learn a new diaect after mastering Standard Korean, you can learn this; as it is relatively easier than other dialects.

People speaking this dialect tend to speak a little slower as compared to Standard Korean. They often use 유(yu) instead of 요(yo) to make a sentence polite.

For e.g.:안녕하세유 (Annyeonghaseyu)

This dialect tends to make the speakers sounds friendly (the natives are actually friendly;)) .


I will try to post the second part as soon as possible!

Like if you appreciate it and share it if you found it informative. For any queries you can follow me and DM me on my personal Instagram account @__an_idiosyncratic__


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