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Popular words used In K-Pop songs (part 1)

Hi! Welcome to KoreanStudyJunkie. I’m Angel and in this blog post we are going to talk about 10 words that you’ll find in K-pop songs.

1. 좋아해 = like (verb)

(dictionary form) 좋아하다 = to like

ex. (Really Really - Winner 0:55)

널 좋아해 = I like you

In the example, the subject (I) is actually omitted and the object is shortened. The full form would be 나는 너를 좋아해 or if you want to be more polite than you can use 좋아해요 or 좋아합니다.

2. 사랑해 = love (verb)

(dictionary form) 사랑하다 = to love

ex. (I Love You - Treasure 1:01)

널 사랑해 = I love you

Just like the first one, the subject is also omitted and the object is also shortened. The full form would be 나는 너를 사랑해 or if you want to be more polite than you can use 사랑해요 or 사랑합니다.

3. 마음/ 맘 = heart

ex. (Through The Night - IU 2:07)

여기 내 마음속에 = here, in(side) my heart

or (Magic Shop - BTS 0:59)

문을 하나 만들자 너의 맘 속에다 = let’s make a door inside your heart

As you can see, both use 속에 after 마음/ 맘 and that makes the meaning “inside your heart”

4. 보고 싶어 = I miss you

(dictionary form) 보고 싶다 = I miss you

ex. (Spring day - BTS 0:47)

보고 싶다 = I miss you

or (SOLO - Jennie 0:18)

Baby, 자기 여보 보고 싶어 = Baby, darling, honey, I miss you

Actually, the literal meaning of 보고 싶다 is I want to see you because it comes from the word 보다 (to see) with the grammar ~고 싶다 (want). and if you want to be more polite you can say 보고 싶어요 or 보고 싶습니다

For the "literal miss you", you can say 그리워 or 그리워요

5. 예뻐 = pretty

(dictionary form) 예쁘다 = to be pretty

ex. (Pretty U - Seventeen 1:24)

너 예쁘다 = you're pretty

you can say 예뻐요 or 예쁩니다 to be more polite.

6. 알아 = know

(dictionary form) 알다 = to know

ex. (Anti-romantic - Tomorrow By Together 0:28)

난 알아 달콤한 love song = I know the sweet love song

7. 몰라 = don't know

(dictionary form) 모르다 = to not know

ex. (Fake Love - BTS 2:24)

Why you sad? I don't know 난 몰라 = Why you sad? I don't know, I don't know

8. 울지 마 = don’t cry

ex. (Hug Me - Seventeen 0;53)

이젠 울지 마 = now, don’t cry

이젠 comes from 이제 (now)+ 는 (topic marking particle)

and for 울지 마, it comes from 울다 (to cry) + 지 마 (don’t)

9. 그냥 = just

ex. (Tamed-dashed - Enhyphen 0:58)

그냥 뛰어 = just jump/ dash

10. 다시 = again

ex. (Mixtape : on track - Stray Kids 0:07)

다시 널 향해 one more step, I will never stop = Once again towards you,

one more step, I will never stop

If you have other example for the words that I mentioned, you can leave them in the comment section below and if you like this kinda content, you can leave a like as well

see you next time! 다음에 또 봐요!💕

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