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Konglish Vocabulary List | English Loanwords In Korean

안녕하세요 여러분! KoreanStudyJunkie님입니다. 오늘은 콩글리시에 대한 수업을 준비되었습니다. 시~~~작!

Konglish words are the easiest and some of the most important words for any Korean learner that is just starting out or even who has been studying for awhile. First of all, What Is Konglish? I made an Instagram post about this, but I think my definition was wrong so I will include one that I found online on a pretty reputable dictionary website.

"Konglish is the use of English words in a Korean context. The words, having initially been taken from the English language, are either actual English words in Korean context, like 모터사이클, or are made from a combination of Korean and/or English words which are not used in English-speaking countries. It can be considered a sublanguage, and common sentence structure or vocabulary mistakes made by Koreans have also been referred to as Konglish."

I think that is a pretty solid definition for Konglish, so I have prepared a list of Konglish words for you all.

I will seperate the list into "Loan Words" and regular old "Konglish"

What Are Loan Words?

Loan words are Korean words that sound like and have the same meaning as its English translation.

The Difference Between Loan Words & Konglish?

Konglish words are Korean words that sound similar to an English word, but may have a slightly different meaning.

Loan Words List

Bus = 버스

Cake = 케이크

Camera = 카메라

Chocolate = 초콜릿

Hot chocolate = 핫 초콜릿

Cola = 콜라

Cup = 컵

Dress = 드레스

Earphones = 이어폰

Fork = 포크

Hamburger = 햄버거

Headphones = 헤드폰

Ice cream = 아이스크림

Juice = 주스

Menu = 메뉴

Orange = 오렌지

Pizza = 피자

Sandwich = 샌드위치

Stocking = 스타킹

시디: CD

Taxi = 택시

Wine = 와인

비디오: Video

컴퓨터: Computer

컴퓨터 게임: Computer game

모니터: Monitor

하드 드라이브: Hard drive

키보드: Keyboard

인터넷: Internet

홈페이즈: Homepage

소파: Sofa

웨브사잇: Website

Konglish Vocab List

Air conditioner = 에어컨

short for “air conditioner”

Apartment = 아파트

short for “apartment

Cell phone = 핸드폰

"hand phone”

Dress (another word for it) = 원피스


Electrical outlet = 컨센트

"consent” (not sure how this relates to an electrical outlet lol. Some Konglish words have nothing to do with its phonetic English counterpart.)

Free of charge = 서비스


This is used when something is on the house

Hot chocolate (another word you could use) = 코코아


Nail polish = 매니큐어


Overdoing / being over-dramatic = 오바“over”

Pantyhose = 팬티스타킹

"panty stocking”

Remote control = 리모콘

short for “remote control”

Selfie = 셀카

short for “self camera” (셀프 카메라)

Self-service = 셀프


This is used in some restaurants when a certain service is meant to be taken care of by you (the customer) for example, you might make your own drink or something similar to that.

Signature = 사인


Sprite = 사이다


Trench coat / overcoat = 버버리


Web comic = 웹툰


Window shopping = 아이쇼핑

"eye shopping”

Skin ship (Intimacy) = 스킨십


That's all for this blog! I really hope I didn't have many typos, because I remember the first time I made this I misspelled a lot of the words. I don't know If I should link to the original post haha but here it is!

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