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Medical Korean: Blood Vessels, Nerves, Bones - Oh my!

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

안녕하세요 여러분? Sindhu 입니다! Glad to see you all again as we join together for another week of our Medical Korean series. This week, we'll conclude our vocabulary list with a look into the Korean words for arteries, vessels, nerves, and bones of the body.

There are a ridiculous amount of blood vessels, nerves, and bones in the body, so to keep things at a normal length of time and words, I've made a brief overview of some of the more important ones. As we make our way through the rest of this series, keep an eye out for some more buzzwords and vocab words that'll cover some things that I've missed.

Vocabulary List

Blood Vessels and Nerves

  • Artery: 동맥

  • Carotid Artery: 경동맥

  • Vein: 정맥

  • Jugular Vein: 경정맥

  • Lymph node: 림프, 림프절

  • Nerve: 신경

  • Sciatic Nerve: 좌골 신경

Bones, Muscles, Etc

  • Bone: 뼈

  • Ribs: 갈비뼈

  • Radius: 요골, 노뼈

  • Ulna: 척골, 자뼈

  • Humerus: 상완골, 위팔뼈

  • Skull: 두개골, 머리뼈

  • Femur: 대퇴골, 넓적다리뼈

  • Tibia: 경골, 정강이뼈

  • Fibula: 비골, 종아리뼈

  • Index finger: 검지

  • Ring finger: 약지

  • Thumb: 엄지

  • Fingernail: 손톱

  • Toe: 발가락

  • Joints: 관절

  • Muscle: 근육

  • Tendon: 힘줄

  • Spinal Cord: 척수

Next week, we'll get into how a conversation with a doctor during an office visit would look like. Leave a comment below if you have any questions or have specific scenarios you'd want to know about!

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