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Popular Konglish words| Part I

안녕하세요(Annyeonghaseyo)! I'm EunHo(은호) from India(인도)! I'm learning Korean(한국어) since 1 year(1년) and can write a 150 word paragraph easily 😅.

시작할까요? 1. 황이팅/파이팅 (Hwaiting/Paiting)

This word is used when you're cheering up your friend or your colleague. It is an informal expression so I'll not recommend you to use it with someone older.

2. 노트북 (No-teu-buk)

What do you think this means? A notebook where you can use pen and write your notes? If you're thinking that you're wrong.

노트북 means Laptop. Yes you read it right! Laptop!

3. 원피스 (Won-pi-seu)

Now what does this mean? One piece? This means a Dress in Korean. Yeah it's true! They use it as a noun, which of course is not in the case of English.

4. 오픈카 (O-peun-ka)

This word means open car. But this makes some sense unlike the two above. It means a convertible car. We can say that it means a CAR with an OPEN roof.

5. 아이쇼핑 (A-i-shyo-ping)

'Eye shopping' ? Seriously? Does it mean that you're shopping eyes? Absolutely no! It is referring to the shopping we do with eyes. It's commonly known as window shopping in English.

6. 아파트 (A-pa-theu)

This one's easy I guess. This means an apartment. Remove 'ment' from apartment and make it sound Korean. Ta-da you're Konglish word is ready!

7. 나이트 (Na-I-th)

This word is derived from 'night'. But it doesn't mean night. Night means 밤 in Korean. When you're asking someone to ' Go on a night out' you can use this word.

8. 본드 (Bon-deu)

Bond. Mhhhm! What does it mean? Nah it's not the English word bond but this word is derived from it. Actually it is used for 'glue' in Korean. Reason? Because it is used to make a bond between things?

9. 셀카 (Sel-ka)

Selca! Probably heard somewhere? This too is a Konglish word. This means selfie. When you're asking someone if they want to take a selfie, you can replace selfie and say selca.

10. SNS (에스 엔 에스)

SNS is the short form of 'Social Networking Service'. This literally means social media like Instagram and Kakao Talk in Korean.

Thank You!

Please like if you appreciate it and comment down below if you know any more Konglish words !


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