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Superlative Sentences 제일 and 가장 | Korean Superlatives

여러분, 안녕하세요! I am Vaibhavi.

In one of my lesson I talked about Comparatives in Korean. In this lesson you will learn about Superlatives in Korean.

제일 is added before an adjective to make it a superlative.


치타가 육지 동물중에서 제일 빠르다.(The cheetah is the fastest among the land animals).

에베레스트산은 세계에서 제일 높다.(Mt. Everest is the highest mountain in the world).

가장 can also be added before an adjective to make it a superlative instead of 제일. But, 가장 is not used with verbs unless there is also an adverb in the sentence.

나는 가장 빨리 달려 = I run the fastest.

In the above sentence if one says,

나는 가장 달려.(I run most) it doesn't make sense right. But, 가장 제일 can be used with 좋아하다 (to like something or my favourite) without an adverb.

나는 과학을 가장 좋아합니다.(I like Science the most or Science is my favourite).

방탄소년단이 제일 좋아. (I like BTS the most or BTS is my favourite).


Negative Superlative

To make a negative Superlative sentence you can add ~지 않다 or ~안 to the sentence.


피아노는 가장 쉽지 않와요.Piano is the least easy).

This sentence is grammatical correct and we'll understood but it sounds more natural if a word with the opposite meaning is used.

피아노가 제일 어려워요. (Piano is the hardest).

That's all for today's lesson. I hope know you how to form Superlative sentence in Korean. See you in the next blog post.

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