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Ways to Improve Korean through Imagination

As you've already guessed by reading the title, this post is about improving your Korean through imagination. Well, you may have come across tips, guidelines or tricks which provided you with countless ways to improve your understanding of Korean, some of which may have included 'imagine yourself doing an interview' or 'stand in front of the mirror and speak' which are amazing but what I want to share with you guys is that you can create a scenario in your head and start speaking according to the situation you've created.

Example 1:

If you're a k-drama fan and love watching k-dramas, then you can imagine yourself as a male/female lead and can simulate a conversation according to an imaginative scenario.Think of a situation where your friend is in a slump and is standing a bit further from where you are. You approach him/her:

You: 여기서 뭐해?

(yeogiseo mwohae?)

What are you doing here?

Friend: 그냥, 심심해.

(geunyang, simsimhae.)

I'm just bored.

You know that your friend is lying and you want to uplift his/her mood so you say the following:

You: 그럼, 노래방 가자.

(geureom, noraebang gaja.)

Then, let's go to karaoke.

Your friend still doesn't want to do anything because of his/her bad mood.

Friend: 아니, 괜찮아…

(ani, gwaenchanh-a…)

No, I'm fine…

You: 왜!...가자!


But why…Let’s go!

And you drag your friend to karaoke.

A strong tip is that don’t let your fear of making a mistake stop you from coming up with new sentences, it can be wrong but the main point is that, you think/speak in Korean instead of your native language.

Let your imagination run wild, it's your brain and you can create all sorts of stuff inside it without any hesitation or fear.

Example 2:

Imagine you're the most followed and a popular k-pop idol and you're in an award show and you just won an award. You hear the audience cheering for you like crazy and you make your way towards the stage and are now standing in front of the mic. What will you do now? Obviously, thank your fans, family, team members etc., so you can start the speech like:

이번 앨범에 많은 사랑을 주셔서 정말 감사합니다.

(ibeon aelbeom-e manh-eun sarang-eul jusyeoseo jeongmal gamsahabnida.)

Thank you so much for your love for this album.

우리 친구, 가족, 사랑과 성원에 감사드립니다.

(uri chingu gajok saranggwa songwone gamsadeurimnida)

Thank you my friends and family for your love and support.

마지막으로 팬 여러분들께 감사드립니다.

(majimageuro paen yorobundeulkke gamsadeurimnida)

Lastly, I would like to thank my fans.

If you're a beginner, you can go to naver or google translate and write the sentences in English, translate them and read them out loud. Or you can translate each word from the sentence, find their meaning, memorize them and don't worry too much about particles (은, 는, 이, 가, 의, 들 etc), as you progress through your learning you'll get the hang of it.

Example 3:

Everyone has a thing for k-pop songs. Memorize your favorite songs, and again to make things fun imagine that you're a singer and singing in front of an audience. Make sure to pronounce the words correctly like a native Korean. I know it's hard to perfect the Korean pronunciation but if you keep on practicing it'll become a lot easier. And yeah, you can sing osts as well. Like Goblin, kill me, heal me, Crash landing on you etc have some great osts. Don’t worry about mistakes but try not to repeat them and learn from them.

Last example Vlive:

Record yourself using a phone’s camera or whatever you are comfortable with. Imagine that you are doing a vlive, pretend that you are reading comments from your fans and start answering them.

안녕하십니까 여러분.

(annyonghasimnikka yorobun.)

Hello, how are you all?



It's been a whil

Pause, just gaze into the camera for a bit (lol)

The weather's cold. So,

날씨가 너무 추워.

(nalssiga nomu chuwo.)

The weather is cold.

Your fans are complimenting you.



Thank you.

여러분들 아침에 뭐 먹었어요?

(yorobundeul achime mwo mogossoyo?)

What did you have for breakfast everyone?


So, that was all for this post.I hope this post helped you in some way. Make sure to leave your thoughts down below and let me know what you think.

Until next time - HangugVocab.

You can go to my channel for some Korean Vocabulary.

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