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Korean Basics Worksheets

Korean Basics Worksheets

This is a bundle of basic Korean concepts for beginners to practice with. In these worksheets are practice for making negative sentences using 안, 지 않다, 못, 지 못하다 and more, the most common Korean particles, and Korean number concepts - time, dates, Sino vs native Korean.



- Korean Negations (안, 지 않다, 못, 지 못하다,이/가 아니다, 지 마세요, 없다, 으면 안 되다, etc.)

- Common Korean Particles (에게,으로, 하고, 거나, 이나, 도, 만, 의, 마다, 보다, 에세~부터, etc.) - Korean Numbers (sino and native number concepts)

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