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에게/한테/께 Particle Lesson | To and From in Korean

Updated: Jun 4

안녕하세요 여러분~ koreanstudyjunkie입니다! Thia grammar lesson is about beginner Korean particles - 에게/한테/께. Practice is included at the end of this lesson!

So we already know about 에 and 에서 and these particles are pretty similar to those ones, except 에/에서 is used with non-living nouns (things, places, plants - idk why plants are included but..)

에게/한테 = to, from

are used with nouns (people and animals).

한테 is used more in speaking and 에게 more in writing but have the same meaning. That being said, any one of them can be used in any circumstance.


1). 친구한테 편지를 썼어요.

= I wrote a letter to my friend.

2). 저는 김에게 한국어를 가르쳐 줘요.

= I teach Korean to Kim.

3). 동생은 매일 개한테 밥을 줘요.

= My little brother/sister feeds the dog every day.

4). 동생이 친구에게 전화를 할 거야.

= My younger sister will call [to] her friend.

It may seem odd, but in cases of talking on the phone 에게/한테 is often used to indicate who the action is directed to

5). 그 옷은 저에게 너무 큽니다.

= These clothes are too big for me.

6). 이 책을 친구에게 얻었어요.

= I got this book from a friend.


Sometimes you may see an extra 서 added to 에게/한테 when translating it as "from" meaning

에게서, 한테서 are often used when wanting to say "from", but they are not necessary.

There is also an honorific form for these particles.

~께 is used when the person requires more respect.

저는 사장님께 사실을 말할 것입니다.

= I will tell [to] my boss the truth.

Once again used a lot for "to say, to talk" to convey who the words are directed to or for.



1). I can't call (to) my grandfather.

2). 제프에게 선물을 줬어요.

3). I got a letter from my Korean friend.

4). I gave a book to my friend.

5). 이 원피스가 저에게 어울려요?

6).  Misa learnt Korean from her English teacher.

7). Myeongdong is noisy. I heard it from my sister.

8). 저에게 한국말을 가르쳐 주세요.


5). Does this dress look good on me?

4). 제가 친구에게 책을 주었어요.

3). 한국 친구에게 편지를 받았어요.

2).  I gave (to) Jeff a present.

1). 저는 할아버지에게 전화를 할 수 없어요.

6). 미사는 영어 선생님께 한국어를 배웠어요.

7). 명동은 시끄러워요. 언니 한테서 들었어요.

8). Please teach Korean to me.

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