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4 Words that mean 'place' in Korean and their differences

In this lesson, let's learn about five words in Korean that mean "place" but are still different from each other depending on the context of the sentence.

Firstly, let's list down the words we are going to learn in this lesson.

1) 정소

2) 위치

3) 곳

4) 데

5) 군데

1) 장소 is more formal and is basically used to indicate:

a) the location of an event

b) a place where something exists

For example:

a) 모임 장소 = the venue of meet-up

b) 장소를 찾고 있어요. = I am looking for a venue.

c) 시간과 장소가 정해지면 알려 주세요. = If you have set a time and place, let me know.

2) 위치 is used to indicate a specific location.

For example:

a) 거기 위치가 어디에요? = Where is it located?

b) 사무실 위치가 어디에요? = Where is your office located?

3) 곳 and 데 are very similar to each other. Both are used as general words for a place or a spot. But as a thumb rule, to sound more formal 곳 is used more often.

For example:

a) 조용한 곳 = a quite place.

b) 인기 많은 곳 = a popular place.

c) 경치 좋은 곳 = a place with nice view.

곳 is interchangeable with 데 therefore, in the above sentences 곳 is interchangeable with 데 .

That is,

a) 조용한 데 = a quite place.

b) 인기 많은 데 = a popular place.

c) 경치 좋은 데 = a place with nice view.


Certain words that are only used with 곳 :

그곳 = that place

이곳 = this place

저곳 = that place over there

4) 군데 is used more like a counting unit.

For example:

a) one place = 한 군데

b) two place = 두 군데

c) three place = 세 군데

d) 한 군데, 두 곤데, 세 군데 틀렸어요. = You made a mistake in one place, two place and three place.

I hope you learned something new in this lesson. I will see you in my next lesson. For more lessons, visit our website at

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