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A-아/어 보이다 Explained | how to say "looks like" in Korean

A -아/어 보이다 = looks (like), seem (like)

Usage: Used with adjectives only to make a guess based on someone or something’s outward appearance.

It is used in the situation where someone is expressing their feeling on the outward appearance of a person, event or thing.

The word 보이다 indicates that something looks/seems like (something).


Adjective + 아/어 보이다 or -게 보이다 (Present tense)

좋다 --> 좋아 보이다

Adjective + 아/어 보였다 (Past tense)

좋다 --> 좋아 보였다

Adjective + 아/어 보일 것이다 (Future tense)

좋다 --> 좋아 보일 것이다


그렇게 왜 피곤해 보여요.

= why do you look so tired like that?

= My girlfriend looked really sad yesterday.

어제 늦게 자서 오늘 늦어 보일 것잖아요.

= Since I slept late yesterday, it looks like I’ll be late today

좋은 일이 있었나 봐? 기분이 좋아 보여요.

= Something good must have happened. You seemed to be in a good mood

승규가 앉아 있는 소파는 무척 편안해 보였어요.

= The chair Seungyu is sitting in looks very comfortable.


answers at the bottom

1.) That coffee looks hot.

2.) She seems really happy these days.

3.) This book looks interesting.

4.) What’s wrong? You look angry?


이 생일 케이크가 정말 맛있어 보여요.

= This birthday cake looks really delicious.

민준이는 안경을 쓰면 똑똑해 보인데요.

= When Minjun wears glasses, he looks smart.

If you want to say that a noun looks a certain way, then you can use ~처럼 보이다.

Example: 의사처럼 보여요 = You look like a doctor



1.) 그 커피는 뜨거워 보여요

2.) 그 사람은 요즘 너무 행복해 보여요

3.) 이 책은 재미있어 보여요

4.) 무슨 일이에요? 화가 나 보여요

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