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Academic Vocab for Korean Language Learners

안녕하세요, Precious 입니다. Today we will learn how to use our Korean learning resources more effectively.

먼저 읽어 보세요. 큰 소리로 읽어 보세요.

Please read it first by yourself. Read it aloud.

Ha gotcha! You read the instructions in English right?

Most language learners who are starting out tend to rely on the English translation when practicing. In this post, let's be less reliant on the English translation by learning common academic vocab for Korean learning!

Here is a list of 16 common 단어 you may see in your learning resources.

학습목표 - Learning Objectives

단어 - Word

어휘 - Vocabulary

문법 - Grammar

듣기 - Listening

쓰기 - Writing

읽기 - Reading

말하기 - Speaking

의미 - Meaning

연습 - Practice

그림 - Picture

고르세요 - Choose

질문 - Question

대답 - Answer

숙제 - Homework/Assignment

과제 - Task


Some example <보기> sentences:

읽고 질문에 답하세요.

Read and answer the questions.

그림을 보고 대화를 완성하세요.

Find the correct expressions from the picture and complete the dialogue.

두 사람의 대화를 잘 들으세요.

Listen carefully to the conversation between them.

잘 읽으세요. 큰 소리로 읽어 보세요.

Read it carefully. Read it aloud.

질문에 맞게 대답하세요.

Answer the questions.

Common sentences used in a classroom 교실 setting:

여러분, 따라 하세요.

Everyone, repeat after me.

선생님, 질문이 있어요.

Teacher, I have a question.

잘 모르겠어요.

I don't (really) know.


I hope this post has been useful in increasing your word bank and helped you to be more confident in understanding the questions in Korean! Your feedback and encouragement would be greatly appreciated!



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