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Beginner Korean Dialogues | How To Have A Conversation In Korean

In this blog post, I will introduce to you 3 super short and easy beginner Korean dialogues but they will not have English translations. There is a vocabulary list of all the words from each dialogue and each dialogue has 1-2 questions about it. Try to answer the questions in Korean if you want to challenge yourself. The answers are presented at the very end. I found all of these dialogues on Naver. 화이팅!

Vocabulary List

내일 = tomorrow

송별회 = farewell party

있다 = to be, exist

몇 = how many; some, several

시 = hour; o'clock

오후 = afternoon; pm

일곱 = 7 (native korean numbers)

잊다 = to forget

~지 마(세요) = (please) don't do

-ㅂ시다 = let's do; suggesting something

여기 = here

앉다 = to sit

~(으)세요 = please (make polite commands)

의 = possesion particle ('s)

생일 = birthday

축하하다 = congratulate, celebrate

이거 = this

받다 to get; recieve

선물 = present, gift

향수 = perfume

어떤 = which, what

오늘 = today

맞다 = to be correct

그런데 = by the way; however; but

사다 = to buy

책 = book

읽다 = to read

~는 것 = turn verbs into nouns (adds -ing)

좋아하다 = to like

싫어하다 = to dislike, hate



A: 내일 스티브 씨 송별회가 있어요.

B: 송별회가 몇 시예요?

A: 오후 7시예요. 잊지 마세요.

B: 네, 내일 만납시다.


누구의 송별회입니까?



A: 여기에 앉으세요.

B: 네, 생일 축하해요. 이거 받으세요.

A: 이거 뭐예요?

B: 제 선물입니다. 향수입니다


여자는 어떤 선물을 받았습니까?



A: 유양 씨 생일 파티가 오늘입니까?

B: 아니요, 파티는 오늘이 아니에요. 내일이에요.

A: 아, 맞아요. 그런데 선물은 뭘 살까요?

B: 유양 씨가 책을 좋아해요. 책을 삽시다


유양 씨는 책을 싫어합니까?

유양 씨는 읽는 것을 좋아합니까?

(Does Ms.yooyanglike to read?)


You Can Find Audio For Each Dialogue Here!

Answer Section:

#1 ~ 누구의 송별회입니까?

(Whose farwell party is it?)

Answer: 스티브의 송별회입니다

#2 ~ 여자는 어떤 선물을 받았습니까?

(What present did the woman recieve?)

Answer: 여자는 향수를 받았습니다

#3 ~ 유양 씨는 책을 싫어합니까?

(Does Ms.Yooyang hate books?)

Answer: 아니요, 책을 좋아합니다

유양 씨는 읽는 것을 좋아합니까?

(Does Ms.Yooyang like reading?)

Answer: 네, 유양 씨는 읽는 것을 좋아합니다

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful. If you want more practice like this I have something that you might enjoy [here].

There are more dialogues that are a bit harder than the ones I showed here, each dialogue had a vocabulary list and vocabulary quiz, and there are a few grammar explanations and practices, there are even a couple of quizzes for those dialogues. Of course there are answer sheets for everything. It’s not a super long book, only 33 pages in total.



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