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Clothing Vocabulary and Related Verbs

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

여보세요!! 어떻게 지냈어? In this lesson I'll go over some clothing vocabulary and related verbs to it. Let's get started!!

In Korean there are different words (verbs) to mean “to wear” or “to put on” depending on what article of clothing you’re referring to. Let me explain them to you one by one.


입다 is one of the words that means “to put on” or “to wear.” This is used for the most basic clothing items.

Some of them are listed below:

셔츠 = shirt

바지 = pants

치마/스커트 = skirt

속옷 = underwear

재킷 = jacket

드레스 = dress (more like a fancier dresses )

원피스 = dress

반바지 = shorts

블라우스 = blouse

티셔츠 = t-shirt

수영복 = bathing suit

스웨터 = sweater

외투 = coat

카디건 = cardigan

양복 = suit

교복 = school uniform

블레이저 = blazer


쓰다 is another verb that means “to wear” or “to put on.” 쓰다 is used for the items that you wear around your face/head.

안경 = glasses

선글라스 = sunglasses

모자 = hat


신다 also, means “to wear” or “to put on.” It is used only, however, for things you wear on your feet.

신발 = shoes

부츠 = boots

샌들 = sandals

스니커/운동화 = sneakers

양말 = socks

하이힐 = high heels

플랫 슈즈 = flats

스타킹 = stockings


The verb 하다 means “to do,” but it can also mean “to wear/put on.” This mainly for jewelry, such as:

목걸이 = necklace

팔찌 = bracelet

귀걸이 = earrings


끼다 is for putting something tight on your arms, hands, or fingers. It’s also used for glasses.

반지 = ring 

보청기 = hearing aid 

장갑 = gloves


두르다 is for wearing something that wraps your body or a part of your body around.

코트 = coat

머퍼 = mufflers

스카프 = scarf


차다 is for putting ornamental items on your body in usual

시계 Watches

장갑 Gloves

목걸이 Necklaces

팔찌 Bracelets

벨트 Belts


걸치다 is for putting something lightly on your body, like an unzipped jacket.


매다 is for putting something tied on your body

고삐 Ribbons

머리띠 Hairbands

넥타이 Tie

That's it for today's lesson. There are many words in Korean that mean 'to wear' or 'to put on' but these are some common verbs that you can learn to describe basic clothing. Hope you enjoy today's lesson. I'll see you'll in the next lesson till then Happy Learning and check the website.



The way you give the vocabulary related to same verbs are really helpful to memorize it



Glad it helped @iamlinguistic

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