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Dive into the Korean culture: Hanbok(한복) ##1

Annyonghaseyo(안녕하세요) dear readers ! I'm Eunho(은호) from India. I love Korean Dramas and learning new languages. I have a Korean learning experience of 1 year.

Coming to the topic, that is, Hanbok (Hangeul:한복)(Hanja:韓服) which literally means Korean Clothing is a Korean Traditional Dress. Surprisingly, this dress is known as Joseon-ot (Hangeul:조선옷) (Hanja:朝鮮옷) in North Korea (북한).

But is the Hanbok actually worn in modern-day Korea? Well, the answer is partly yes and partly no! See, Hanbok was actually a common daily-life attire in the Korea society about 100 years back.

Hanbok can be classified to many types according to its purposes. Ceremonial (Hanbok) dresses are more common in the two Koreas now-a-days. These dresses are worn on child's first birthday, a wedding or even on a funeral, Chuseok(주석)(Korean Thanksgiving) or on Seollnal(설날).

This traditional dress has undergone many changes from the initial records of it. Especially the Hanbok for women has changed as compared to Hanbok for men which has seen a really minimal change.

The Korean Hanbok is a really gorgeous dress and I wish if I could try it one day. Since this is my first blog, I'll end it short. Like and comment if you want more detailed and interesting Korean culture related blogs. Share it if you found it interesting!

For any queries be free to DM me on my Instagram @__an_idiosymcratic__ .

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