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Everday Korean Phrases | Helpful Phrases For Beginners

Whether you are looking for a list of phrases that you can use while traveling in Korea or just some basic phrases that every learner should know- I'll show you the most important ones plus some fun phrases you can use with friends. There's audio for all phrases as well.

List of Phrases :

안녕하세요 - Hello; Good Morning (formal)

감사합니다 - Thank You (formal)

죄송합니다 - I'm sorry (formal)

저기요 - Excuse me; Over here

네 - Yes; Pardon me?

아니요 - No

좋아요 - Yes; Good; I like it

괜찮아요 - It's okay

모르겠어요 - I don't know

영어 할 줄 알세요? - Do you speak English?

한국어 못해요 - I can't speak Korean

한국어 잘해요 - I can speak Korean well

한국어 잘못해요 - I can't speak Korean well

“X” 는/은 한국말로 어떻게 말해요?

How do you say “x” in Korean?

질문 있어요. - I have a question.

천천히 말해 주세요. - Please speak slowly

카드로 결제 할게요 - I’ll pay with card

현금으로 결제 할게요 - I’ll pay with cash

영수증 주세요? - Can I have the receipt?

계산서 주세요/ 계산해 주세요 - Check, Please

화이팅! - Fighting!

포기하지 마세요 - Don't give up

좋은 하루 되세요 - Have a great day

좋은 하루 보내요 - Have a nice day

힘내세요 - Cheer up

진짜 잘했어요 - You did really well

항상 응원해요 - I'm always rooting for you.

조심하세요 - Be careful; Take care of yourself

잘잤어요? - Did you sleep well?

건강하세요 - Stay healthy/strong


List Of Vocab From Phrases :

영어 - English

못 - Can't (do)

잘 - Well

한국말 - Korean Language

어떻게 - How to

말하다 - To say; speak

질문 - Question

있다 - To be; exist

천천이 - Slowly

주다 - To give

하루 - Day; One day

되다 - To become

카드 - Card

현금 - Cash

결제하다 - Pay; Settle

영수증 - Receipt

계산서 - Check, Bill

계산하다 - To calculate

포기하다 - To give up

항상 - Always

응원하다 - To support

보내다 - To send

조심하다 - To be careful

자다 - To sleep

건강하다 - Healthy; Strong

That's the end of this one - I hope It helped you in some small way! If It did leave a like or comment on this post.

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