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Kakaotalk (The Korean Smart Messaging App) | what Koreans use to text eaxh other

Today we are going to talk about Kakaotalk. Kakaotalk is a messenger app popular in South Korea and is generally among South Koreans. We will talk about some of its features (which include K-Pop discussion chat rooms) in this post. So if you are going to travel or emigrate to South Korea this app will come in handy. However, there are many international users registered on the app. You don’t have to be in Korea to use the app.

Kakaotalk is a messaging app for smartphones with free calling and free texting. It is used by the majority of people in South Korea and it is well into its twelfth year.

Korean people love using Kakaotalk as it's free and comes with great features. It also includes 15 languages. It is user-friendly and easy to handle once you get to know it. You can easily share pictures, videos, texts, voice recordings, etc.

The most interesting feature that I found about Kakaotalk is that it allows online payment with the help of Kakao Bank. Money can be sent to your family, friends, or whoever you want to. It also provides lots of cute, lovely stickers and more.

Kakaotalk shopping:

As I told you before, Kakaotalk is a versatile app with numerous features. Kakaotalk provides shopping facilities to its users. You can choose what to buy from a wide range of products. You can share information about a product with your friends or family members. You can also get discounts on products.

K-pop discussion:

People in public chat or open chat rooms can talk about their favorite K-pop related topics. Users can join the chat anonymously. Chatrooms can hold up to 1500 K-pop fanatics. You can find a specific band’s chat room by searching via the find option or by QR codes, links, etc.

Kakaotalk channel:

You can create or open a business account in Kakaotalk. Reach the customers easily through the Kakaotalk channel. You can showcase your products by sharing them with the people on the Kakaotalk channel. It is not just intended for big businesses, even small businesses can create their own Kakaotalk channel and increase their sales.

Kakao lab:

Kakao lab is like a beta version of Kakaotalk. Before officially adding the features to the app, the features are tested by the users. If you decide to join the Kakao lab, you will get to review new features before the general users of the app. Your feedback will be taken into consideration before the general release of the beta features.

Apart from these, Kakao wallet and Kakao mail are some of the other available features of Kakaotalk.

Until next time - HangugVocab.

You can go to my channel for some Korean Vocabulary.

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