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Korean Compliments & Insults | How to compliment someone in Korean?

In this post you will learn how to compliment others in Korean, but I will also show you some rude phrases and insults that you probably shouldn't use. I'm not encouraging that kind of behavior, but I think it makes for an interesting post.


(there's a link to the original instagram post with audio)

칭찬 -compliment

칭찬 - compliment, compliment, praise, credit, praise, (f) commend

칭찬을 받다

be[get] praised

칭찬받을 만하다

deserve to be praised



You’re handsome


Great job!

내면이 외면보다 더 아름답네요

Your inside is even more beautiful than your outside

내가 더 나은 사람이 되고 싶게 만들어요.

You make me want to be a better person

재킷이 (옷) 잘 어울려요.

That jacket looks nice on you

덕분에 매일 행복해요.

Thanks to you, I am happy every day.

머리가 좋네요.

You’re smart!

넌 멋진 친구야.

You’re an awesome friend

유머 감각이 좋네요.

You have a great sense of humor

웃는 얼굴이 아름다워요.

Your smile is beautiful

네가 해 준 요리를 좋아해.

I love your cooking


You look gorgeous

말솜씨가 좋네요.

You have a way with words

안목이 있네요.

You have great taste

Example Sentences/Phrases you could use :

그 말은 칭찬으로 알겠습니다

I’ll take that as a compliment.

그녀는 칭찬에 약하다

She’s a pushover[sucker] for a compliment.

그는 항상 네 칭찬을 한다

He’s always complimenting you.

그는 칭찬에 인색하다

He is very sparing with words of praise. He rarely has anything good to say about anyone.

칭찬을 싫어하는 사람이 어디 있나요?

Who doesn’t like getting compliments?

감독은 그 선수에 대한 칭찬을 아끼지 않았다

The coach lavished praise on that player.

에세이를 잘 써서 선생님께 칭찬을 받았다

I received compliments on my essay from my teacher.

사내에 당신에 대한 칭찬이 자자하더군요

The people at the office are full of praise for you.

제 생애 최고의 칭찬이에요.

That’s maybe the best compliment of my life.



I have a ton of these phrases but I didn't include all of them below. This is actually a combination of 2 old posts I made so I'll try to link to both of them. List: First Post

미치광 crazy person

냉혹하다 cold

망할 놈/썩을 놈 motherf*cker

약쟁이 druggie

망나니 screw-up

비열하다 mean

역겨운 자식 nasty

어처구니없다 absurd, ridiculous

찌질 loser

애송이 baby

얼빠지다 tacky

망상에 빠지다 delusional

천박하다 shallow

덕후스럽다 nerdy

진따 nerd

제멋대로이다 spoiled

개똥 같은 소리 you’re full of shit/that’s bullshit

진짜 재수 없어 you’re such a jerk/ you’re unbelievable

제정신이야? what is wrong with you?

뿅 갔나? have you lost your mind?

쏴 죽여 버릴 거야 I’m gonna murder you

쪼다 되는 거야 you’re a loser

잠 올라 그런다 you’re putting me to sleep

구역질 나 that’s disgusting

바보짓 하지마 don’t be an idiot

귀 먹었어? are you deaf?

집착 쩐다 you’re obsessed

네가 꽝이야 you’re the worst

엉망진창이야 you’re messed up

사돈남말하시네 look whose talking

배부른 소리 하네 boo-f*ckin-hoo (sarc)

존재 자체가 실망이다 you’re a disappointment

너나 잘해. You take care of your own affairs. / don’t poke your nose into my affairs.

참견 마라. Don’t meddle.

네가 간섭할/나설 일이 아니다. This is none of your concern. (lit. his is not something you should interfere in)

제넘는 소리 마라. Mind your own business / Don’t get fresh with me. (lit don’t talk presumptuously)

신경끄셔! I don’t need your concern/care. (lit. turn off your concern)

남이사 - nunya business, none of your business, MYOB

무례하는것 같아요... it seems a little rude

왜그랬어요 why did you do that?

한 말 있어? do you have something to say?

방해하지 마세요. Don't disturb me.

바쁘니까 말 시키지 마세요. I'm busy so don't talk to me.

귀찮게 하지 마세요. 바빠요. Stop bothering me. I'm busy

그만해! stop it!

상관 하지마 butt out

쳐다보지마~그만봐~ don't stare

오바 하지마 don't go overboard

너 때문에야! it's because of you!!

인정할수없어 i don't approve!

뭐하는거냐? what the hell are you doing?

니가 하는 일이 다 그렇지 뭐. that's what you always do! (negative)

그러지마 don't be like that

너 이제 죽었어 you're dead meat!

미쳤어? are you crazy?

공식적으로 경고합니다. 더이상 만지지 마세요 I'm giving official warning to you to stop touching me

그렇지 않아! that's not true!

그거 거짓말이야 liar!

어떻게 그럴 수가 있어? how could you do that?

그 밖에 또 이야기 안한 것이 무엇이죠? what else didn't you tell me?

알랑거리지마 don't try to butter me up (direct)

놀고 있네 yeah right - I don't believe you - stop lying - whatever

됐어 forget it

닥쳐 shut up

시끄러워 shut up

저리 가 get away!

꺼져! get out of here!

젠장! darn it!



Why no romanization? Romanization is when the korean word is spelled out using english letters. For example: 고마워요 (Gomawoyo) | There is no romanization in this & I won't add any into this post or posts like these. I think it's weird that people don't even know how to read Korean but want to know rude phrases or curse words lol.

I saw this website with a lot more of these curses, insults, & just rude phrases and I thought It was interesting. There were so many more than I put in this post, and there were some really bad ones I decided to leave out. I won't tell you the website name

I hope you enjoyed this post! I'm still working on turning all my old posts into blogs and putting them all up on my website. It's gonna take a long time, but If there is a specific post you would like me to turn into a blog let me know and I can go ahead do that.

I'm just doing this in a random order and sometimes I try to add a bit more detail to the blogs than I have in the posts.

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