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Korean Curse Words

안녕하세요~ I have a list of some "basic" curse words that you may have heard of before in Korean. If you can't read Hangul (Korean alphabet) than this post probably isn't for you. That being said, I do have the audio of most of these words here.

Here's The List:

씨발 - F*ck

닥쳐 - Shut Up

젠장 - D*mn it, Sh*t

개새끼 - Son of a b*tch

지랄 - Bullsh*t

꺼져 - F*ck Off, Get away from me

미친년 - Crazy B*tch

또라이 - Weirdo, Freak

미친놈 - Crazy B*stard

엿먹어 - F*ck You

씹새끼 - Piece of sh*t, b*tch, f*cker

개똥 - dog poop = meaning something that is trivial or cheap

개털 - dog fur = (slang) A person who is penniless without any possessions or substantial property.

개뿔 = Jack; sh*t = (slang) Something without any value or much importance.

개같은 - like a dog = telling someone the way they talk/act resembles a dog

개 - dog = is an insult when used to talk about another person

Phrases (Insults) :

귀 먹었어? - Are you deaf?

사돈남말하시네 - Look whose talking

바보짓 하지마 - don’t be an idiot

제정신이야? - Are you out fo your mind? , What's wrong with you?

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