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Korean & Japanese Words That Sound Similar

Hey there! I'm Koreanstudyjunkie. Today we'll look at a list of words that have a similar pronunciation and the same meaning.

Korean and Japanese have many similarities and one of those things are vocabulary. If you're learning both like me, you may find it interesting. Of course, there are hundreds more words like this - I only listed out some fairly common ones.

These words have audio split into 2 different parts.

도착 (到着 - とうちゃく) = Arrival, To Arrive Dochak (tochaku)

사진 (写真 - しゃしん) = Picture

Sajin (shashin)

계산 (計算 - けいさん) = Calculation

Gyesan (keisan)

선풍기 (扇風機 - せんぷうき) = Fan

Seonpung-gi (senpuki)

텔레비전 / 티비 (テレビ) = TV - television

Tellbijeon / Tibi (terebi)

요리 (料理 - りょうり) = Cook, Cooking

Yoli (ryori)

시간 (時間 -じかん) = Time

Shigan (jikan)

솔직히 (正直 - しょうじき)

Soljiki (shoujiki)

가방 (カバン) = Bag, purse

Kabang (kaban)

기분 (気分 - きぶん) = Mood

Gibun (kibun)

약속 (約束 - やくそく) = Promise

Yaksok (yaksoku)

의사 (醫者/医者 - いしゃ) = Doctor

Ouisa (ishya)

준비 (準備 - じゆんび)

= Prepare, Ready

Junbi (jun’bi)

가족 (家族 - かぞく)

= Family

Gajok (kazoku)

신문 (新聞 - しんぶん)

= Newspaper

Sinmun (shin’bun’)

도서관 (図書館 - としよかん)

= Library

Dosogwan (toshokan’)

미래 (未来 - みらい)

= Future

Mirae (mirai)

아르바이트 (アルバイト)

= Part-time Job

Areubaiteu (arubaito)

인간 (人間 - にんげん)

= Human

Ingan (nin’gen’)

병원 (病院 - びょういん)

= Hospital

Byongwon (byōin’)

학생 (学生 - がくせい)

= Student

Hakssaeng (gakusē)

학교 (学校 - がっこう)

= School

Hakkkyo (gakkō)

중국 (中国 - ちゅうごく)

= China

Jungguk (chūgoku)

기린 (麒麟 - きりん)

= Giraffe

Girin (kirin’)

That's all for this post! I hope you enjoyed it. If you want more lessons like this - visit here! Comment below if you know more words that sound the same or similar. I know many of the words above have a Chinese origin.


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