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Korean Particles Lesson | What Does ~들 Mean? & How To Use ~몇

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

여러분, 안녕하세요! This is Vaibhavi from India (인도). In this lesson we will learn about ~들 particle and it's usage.

시작하자! Unlike English, in Korean plural form of noun is not that common.

Korean people rarely distinguish between singular and plural. For example, if I say: 나는 펜을 샀어요. This could mean “I bought a pen” OR “I bought pens.” In most cases, the context can make it clear if the speaker bought ‘a pen' or if the speaker bought ‘pens.’ If you really want to make it clear that you bought one pen only you could say: 나는 펜 한 개를 샀어

Korean Particle ~몇

In these type of sentences you could also use the word 몇 which can replace a number, which has the meaning of 'some' or 'a few'. For example instead of 사과 두 개 (two apples) you can say

사과 몇 개 (some apples). ~들 can be attached to a noun to make that noun plural. However, adding ~들 to a noun that is not referring to a person is usually unnatural. Instead, ~들 is usually only attached to the word “person” (사람) or words that refer to a person or people. (artist, singer, engineer etc.) Examples: 그 가수들은 잘 하고 있어요. (The singers are doing well). 선생님들은 학생들을 가르치고 있습니다.(Teachers are teaching students).

This lesson was pretty simple right? But next time I won't go easy, so study hard. I hope you enjoyed the post. For doubts, you can DM me on my Instagram @iamlinguistic 다음에 보자 !!

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