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Korean Restaurant Vocabulary and Phrases

FULL Phrases List✨

어서 유세요! - welcome!

몇분이세요 - how many are in your party?

(Use native numbers)명이에요 - there are…people

뭐 드시겠어요? - what would you like?

메뉴 좀 보여주세요? - May I see the menu?

아직 정하지 못했어요 - we haven’t made a choice yet

어떤 (것을) 추천해주시겠어요? - what do you recommend?

주문 받으세요 - I'm/we’re ready to order

(name of food/drink)주세요 - please give me

계산서 주세요/계산해 주세요 - Please give me the check/bill!

맛있어요 - It's delicious

맛있게 먹었습니다 - It was delicious

잘 먹었습니다 - I ate well

감사합니다 - thank you

이거 포장해주세요 - Can I have it takeaway?

배달해 주세요 - Can I have it delivered?


Phrases To Say To The Food Delivery Person

여보세요 - Hello (used on phones only)

지금 배달되나요? / 지금 배달돼요? - Are you delivering now?

[떡볶이 하나] 주세요 - One (serving) of tteokbokki please

[콜라]도 주세요 - Cola also please

얼마예요? - How much is it?

얼마나 걸려요? - How long will it take?

카드 돼요? - Is card okay?

카드로 결제할게요 - I will pay by card

현금으로 결제할게요 - I will pay by cash

어디세요? - Where? (asking where to deliver to)

주소 말씀해 주세요 / 주소 말해 주세요 / 주소 어떻게 되세요? - Please tell me your address / What is your address?

주문 어떻게 되세요? / 어떤 제품 주문하시겠습니까? - What is your order? / What (product) would you like to order?

다른 더 필요한 거 없으십니까? - Is there nothing else you need?

Sidenote: don't forget that yes and no in Korean are different than in English. If you say 네 to this question, that means “I don’t need anything else”, and if you say 아니요 to this question, that means “yes, I need something else”. You can also just answer with “있어요” or “없어요” to get around this.


A Few Extra Phrases

주문 확인해 드리겠습니다 - I will check your order

현금으로 결제하시겠습니까? - Will you be paying by cash?

알겠습니다 - Okay.

금액은 <이만 오천오백>원입니다 - The total price is 25,500 won.

~ you'll use Sino-Korean numbers here

If you still haven't learned numbers yet, you can check out this lesson I made on it:

count from 1 - 1,000,000 (this lesson came from an old class I taught. I have more free lessons and practices like this on the "free practices" section of my website.

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