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Korean Study Methods | What To Study

안녕하세요 여러분! Do you ever sit down to study Korean, but then have no idea what you should study or do? I've been there, so today I have a list of different study methods and ways you can practice Korean during your study sessions!

These will be great to add into your current routine or just as something casual every now and then. If you don't have a study routine yet - check here to learn my method for making a good Korean study routine.


  1. Set a timer and speak to yourself in Korean

  2. Describe your surroundings in Korean

  3. Use Hello Talk voice chats to speak (Tandem also have group rooms to speak in for lots of different languages, Hilokal is good for this as well)

  4. Download language exchange apps and practice speaking with other learners or native speakers

  5. Shadow native speakers (mimic natives) It helps with pronunciation

A Few Speaking Prompts:

> talk about yout family and friends

> what songs are on your playlist

(what parts do you like?)

> Explain your study routine (how do

you usually study korean &! Why)


  1. Watch YouTube videos in Korean

  2. Listen to a Korean podcast - I have some listed in my resource map

  3. Rewatch a Korean drama that you’ve already seen (but this time no subtitles or only korean subtitles)

  4. Watch kids shows and cartoons in Korean

  5. Watch Interviews and Korean variety shows

  6. Re-listen/re-watch a video or podcast that you've already listened to before (It helps to listen repetitively to the same content

  7. Read and Listen at the same time


  1. Follow/subscribe to Korean content and read through comment sections

  2. Read Naver Blogs (you can find articles on anything that interests you. I even sometimes use it to read Korean lessons in Korean. Search 일상 블로그 - good for everyday things)

  3. Naver Dictionary publishes daily conversations - It's good for learning new vocabulary and grammar with context.

  4. I have some reading practice posts that you can use as well. I'll link a few here:

  5. Do Karaoke of your favorite K-songs

  6. Check out my Korean Stories Series for more Interesting stories to practice reading with


  1. Write a journal in Korean (about your day, your family, your life, your plans, etc.)

  2. Create a few random sentences in Korean

  3. Leave comments on Social Media (don't be shy! Most likely no one will see it or if they do won't care)

  4. Watch a YT video and write about it

  5. Use example sentences from any grammar lessons

  6. Text in Korean (using language exchange apps like HelloTalk, Tandem, Hilokal, Etc.)

  7. Using HiNative or HelloTalk for corrections on sentences (I don't know if HiNative is as active as it used to be, but it's a good place for asking questions or getting corrections- HelloTalk too)

A few writing prompts:

> Talk about your day (plans)

> Talk about your favorite show

(plot, characters, settings, etc.)

> Introduce yourself in korean


  1. Review grammar you just learned

  2. Make sentences with grammar you learned

  3. Look up examples of grammar on Naver and read through

  4. Watch (multiple) videos on Youtube

  5. Right after you study a grammar structure, recall what the grammar is about and how it's used

  6. ”Teach” it to someone else or pretend to do so

  7. Put example sentences in a flashcard app and study them

  8. Read through/Listen to a lesson all in Korean

  9. Resource Map also has all grammar listed with links - Download HERE


  1. Watch 5 minutes of a drama you like and take note of words you don't know to study

  2. Look up examples on Naver dictionary with the words you are learning

  3. Review old vocabulary words

  4. Create sentences using vocabulary you’re learning

  5. Quiz yourself on vocab - the action of recalling words helps with memorization

  6. Use Mnemonics to remember words better

  7. Input helps you passively lock in vocab

  8. Quizlet masterlist with the most

  9. More tips for memorizing vocab is HERE!

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chandani prajapati
chandani prajapati
Nov 27, 2023

I can already feel the positive impact this will have on my life. I'm eager to put it into practice and I know I'll come to enjoy it immensely.

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