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Korean Tongue Twisters to Improve Pronunciation

안녕 koreanstudyjunkie입니다! Tongue twisters are a great way to practice your pronounciation & also a fun way to test your korean reading skills. I have compiled a few short but sweet ones.

Tongue Twister #1

서울특별시 특허허가과 허가과장 허과장

Full Meaning:

Seoul Metropolitan City’s Patent Granting Section Permission Section Chief, Chief Heo


seo-ul-teuk-byeol-si teu-keo-heo-ga-gwa heo-ga-gwa-jang heo-gwa-jang

Quick Breakdown:


Seoul Metropolitan City


Patent Authorization Department


Permission Section Chief


Chief Heo

Vocabulary Words:

잰말놀이 Tongue Twister

서울 Seoul

특별시 Metropolitan City

특허 Patent (on/for)

허가 Permission

과 And

과장 Section Chief


Tongue Twister #2

만점 만점에 만점을 맞으면 만점을 맞았으니 만점을 맞은 것이다

Rough Translation:

If I get a perfect score, Since I got a perfect score, I got a perfect score.

Let's try to break it down a little:

만점을 맞으면

If I get a perfect score

만점을 맞았으니(까)

Since/Because I got a perfect score

만점을 맞은 거예요

I got a perfect score


Tongue Twister #3

정희수가 희희낙락하게 희끄무리한 흰머리를 뽑으며

English Translation:

Jung Hee-soo pulled out white hair.

The Breakdown:

희희낙락하다 - (be) very glad[happy], be delighted

희끄무리하다 - be whitish

흰머리 - white hair

뽑다 - to pull, pluck

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1 Comment

Loukia Krana
Loukia Krana
Jan 31, 2023

I'm using every braincell to read these.😂 It's a good practice though and a goal to be able to read these fluently in the future.

_risus7 on instagram.

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