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Commonly Confused Korean Words | pronunciation differences

안녕하세요 여러분! Welcome back to welcome to another lesson from I am KoreanStudyJunkie!

This post is kind of a fun one. We'll look at words that sound very similar or even the same in Korean, but mean different things. This will help you start to distinguish between certain Korean letters and pronunciations.

#1 - = Dog + = Crab

(click highlighted words to hear the pronunciation)

애 vs 에

이웃집 개가 계속 짖어서 나는 어제 잠을 거의 잘 수 없었어.

My neighbors dog kept barking, so I almost couldn’t sleep yesterday.

어머니는 게와 새우를 넣고 해물탕을 끓여 주셨습니다.

Mother added crab and shrimp and made seafood soup.

#2 - 자다 = sleep 짜다 = salty 찾다 = to find; look for

ㅈ vs ㅉ


남편은 휴일에 침대에서 잠만 잤어요.

My husband only sleeps in bed during holidays.


낮에 음식을 좀 짜게 먹었더니 계속 목이 말랐어요.

I ate a bit of salty food during the day, so I kept getting thirsty.


김 씨 가족은 잃어버린 아이를 찾기 위해 여기저기 안 다닌 데가 없습니다.

Kim's family went everywhere to find their lost child.

#3 - = Room & = bread

ㅂ vs ㅃ

방이 너무 좁아서 소파는 못 놓지.

I can't place the sofa because the room is too small.

쉬는 시간에 매점에서 간식으로 빵을 사 먹었어.

I bought bread as a snack at the store during my break.

#4 - 같이 = Together & 가지 = Eggplant/Aubergine; kind, sort

j vs ch sounds


이번 여름에는 친척들이 다 같이 제주도로 여행을 갈 계획이에요.

This summer I am planning to go to Jeju Island with all of my relatives.


엄마는 가지를 볶아서 고소한 밥 반찬을 만들어 주셨어요.

My mom made me a savory side dish by stir-frying eggplant.

저 가게에서는 여러 가지 물건을 팔고 있어요.

They sell a variety of things at that store.

#5 - 머리 = head & 멀리 = Far

1 ㄹ vs 2 ㄹ


그녀는 얼굴은 예쁜데 머리는 텅 비었어.

She’s cute, but she has no brain.


우리는 멀리서 싸움을 지켜보았다.

We watched the fight from a distance.


That's all I have for this one, but of course there are more lessons HERE. I really liked this post, kind of helping you to be more conscious of your pronunciation when speaking Korean.

Psst - you can actually leave a like on this blog by the way. Just click the heart ❤️ to let me know to make more posts like this one!

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