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How to learn Korean vocab without memorizing | Vocabulary Hacks...

Updated: Mar 4

안녕하세요 친구들 (friends), its Yamin and I'm here to tell you how you can learn 4000 vocabulary words without memorizing hardly. It's actually true, believe it or not. Let's see how...

I know it's very boring and takes a very long time to memorize words through textbook or any applications or social media you come across.

You probably have the desire to set your goals like "Today, I'm going to memorize 10 or 50 words", but soon after beginning to memorize you feel it's going to take time to get those words into the brain and more effort is needed to try to remember those words.

Especially when you don't have a shortcut or an easier way to remember those Korean words that you are trying to learn. You had to look at the words several times a day or several days to learn that word.

There is further delay in your vocabulary learnings if you don't use the learnt words to make a sentence or anywhere. However, forget this ALL now...

We have a better solution. While standard approaches such as textbooks and language applications have their advantages, a novel and fascinating alternative entail delving into the world of Korean word music on YouTube.

The internet has become a treasure trove for language learners in recent years, providing a wealth of materials to make the practice more fun. Korean word songs in particular have grown in popularity as a fun and effective technique for language learning.

These musical treasures frequently blend important vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation into catchy tunes, making studying fun. YouTube channels dedicated to teaching Korean through songs provide students an immersive and engaging way to improve their linguistic skills.

The rhythmic repeating of words and phrases is a significant advantage of adopting Korean word music. The melodic rhythms make it easier for students to remember terminology, and repetition improves retention. This musical technique accommodates many learning styles, making it appropriate for auditory learners who thrive on sound and rhythm.

One of the key benefits of learning Korean through word songs is the enjoyment factor, without being bored. The word song is no less than a K-pop song. Try it!

You would end up memorizing 4000 words without much realization. This is because you would be learning the Korean words with its English meaning like a song, like you do with lyrics. If its melodious it automatically gets inside your brain.

Even if you go to sleep it keeps ringing in the head, same as any other song that you hear quite often, or which is catchy. This way I promise you would memorize Korean words in shorter period of time, being able to meet your goals for 2024.

Vocabulary is important, without it no one can form a fully proper Korean sentence. Make sure to try this method. Link for Korean word song is given below:

YouTube Name: WORDPIE


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