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Flipped Korean Words | Double Your Korean Vocabulary

안녕하세요! In this lesson, I'll introduce 20 words. These are words that you already may know and you can be flip them around to learn a new word. This doesn't happen with every Korean word, but there are many cases of this.

If you haven't seen the first part, I'll leave the link here.

Vocabulary Pairs :

관습 - custom

습관 - habit

방금 - a moment ago, just now

금방 - at any moment; immediately

양모 - wool

모양 - appearance; shape

모자 - hat

자모 - single letter, alphabet

이사 - move

사이 - space, gap; span; relationship between

화재 - fire

재화 - goods; assets

두유 - soybean milk

유두 - nipple

대학 - university, college

학대 - abuse, mistreatment

공항 - airport

항공 - aviation, air

수도 - capital

도수 - degree, level




오랜 관습을 깨다 = break an old custom


늦게까지 안 자는 습관이 있다 = I have a habit of staying up late.


그녀는 방금 집에 왔어요. = she just (now) got home.


금방 비가 올 것 같아요. = It looks like it will rain any moment now.


이 외투는 백 퍼센트 양모로 만든 제품이에요. = this coat is made of 100% wool.


삼각형 모양으로 색종이를 잘라. = Cut the colored paper in the shape of a triangle.

저는 그녀의 머리 모양이 마음에 들지 않았습니다. = I didn’t like the way she had her hair done.


우리들은 모두 일어나 모자를 벗었어요. = All of us stood and took off our hats


우리는 다음 주에 서울로 이사 간다. = We’re moving to Seoul next week.


친구 사이 = just friends

그와 탁자를 사이에 두고 앉았습니다. = I sat across the table from him.


소방차가 화재 현장에 도착했어요. = A fire truck arrived at the scene of the fire.


홍수 때문에 많은 재화가 떠내려 갔어요. = A lot of goods were washed away by the flood.


아침에 바빠서 밥 대신 두유를 마신다. = I was busy this morning, so instead of a meal I drank soybean milk.


지환이야, 열심히 공부해서 좋은 대학 가야지. = Ji-hwan you should study hard go to a good university.


여자가 몇 년 동안 남편으로부터 학대를 받았다네요. = The woman was abused by her husband for several years.


제가 공항까지 태워다 드리겠습니다. = I’ll give you a ride to the airport.


저가 항공으로 비행기 좌석을 예매했더니 싸게 여행할 수 있었어. = I booked a seat on a low-cost flight, so I was able to travel cheaply.


서울은 한국의 수도입니다. = Seoul is the capital of Korea.


알코올 도수 = alcohol level

나는 도수가 높은 친구의 안경을 쓰자 머리가 어지러웠어. = I felt dizzy when I wore my friend's glasses with high prescription.


That's it for this post! Below that are more of my lessons that I felt were similar to this topic if you'd like to explore more. We have tons of different concepts and granmar to learn about here.

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