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Learning Korean with Tayo - A Fun and Easy way to master the language !

Hello (안녕하세요) readers! Today's topic is specifically for the people who are

  1. Finding learning Korean hard

  2. Frustrated because they can't understand their favorite KDrama/KSong

  3. Finding the learning boaring

  4. Young Learners

  5. Not getting enough exposure to the language

  6. Too busy to spare time for study

  7. Beginners

It can be any of the reasons above or some other. Please read it until the end without skipping because it'll be helpful for you!

Ever heard of Tayo? Well, if you are a fan of Enhypen (Boy Band), then you might've heard of the 'Tayo song'. He's a little blue bus and yeah he's a cartoon character :]

But why should we watch cartoon? We aren't any babies ?

The main reason of me recommending it is that they're made for young children. This results in these type of cartoons to have an easy language structure unlike KDramas where they use complex words, obviously to maintain a standard.

Same goes with KSong, the lyrics hardly have any simple sentence, mostly sentences are twisted to make it flow with the music. So there's a very scope of us learning from KDramas/KSongs unless we're some beautiful mermaid from The Legend of the Blue Sea (KDrama).

One more advantage of watching these cartoons is that we get some exposure to the language in an easier way. We tend to listen and understand the words easily that helps us to concentrate on the type of tone the natives use to speak in day-to-day life.

Since these shows are relatively easier to understand, we can listen to them as podcasts and songs while doing homeworks , workouts, traveling in bus, etc.

For effective results follow the these given rules :

  1. Search for the Korean version in YouTube/Netflix.

  2. Turn off the subtitles (if available).

  3. Just listen and try t understand for 30 -45 minutes a day.

  4. Try to note new words (optional).

  5. Continue this cycle for atleast 3 months.

In case you don't like our cute little 타요 (Tayo), there are some other cartoons to watch:

  1. Pororo (포로로)

  2. Robocar Poli (로보카 폴리)

  3. Cocomong (코코몽)

Hope it was helpful for you, if you like it drop a heart ;)

Meet you in the next blog \(^०^)

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