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Medical Korean: Body Parts!

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

안녕하세요 여러분? 이름이 Sindhu (신두) 입니다...만나서 반갑습니다! Have you ever been to the doctor's office and had a flash moment's panic of "Oh no, what if I have to do this in Korean?!" I'm sure that, like many of us learning Korean, this thought might've passed through your head at least once.

Never fear! This series will cover everything from medically-related vocabulary and phrases to use at the doctor's office to differences between American and Korean healthcare systems. Follow along for some tips and tricks!

This week, we'll focus on vocabulary surrounding the body! Below, you'll find a short list of words that encompasses an overview of the human body. This is in no way exhaustive or completely comprehensive, but I hope it gives you a good start.

Vocabulary List


  • Body:

  • Head: 머리

  • Torso: 몸통

  • Chest: 가슴

  • Arm: 팔

  • Leg: 다리

Head Region

  • Eye: 눈

  • Nose: 코

  • Lips: 입술

  • Mouth: 입

  • Cheek: 볼 or 뺨

  • Ear: 귀

  • Forehead: 이마

  • Chin: 턱

Upper Body

  • Neck: 목

  • Shoulders: 어깨

  • Upper arms: 상박

  • Forearm: 팔뚝

  • Elbow: 팔꿈치

  • Wrist: 팔목 or 손목

  • Hand: 손

  • Fingers: 손가락

  • Stomach:

  • Belly button: 배꼽

Lower Body

  • Waist: 허리

  • Buttocks : 엉덩이

  • Back: 등

  • Thigh: 허벅지

  • Knee: 무릎

  • Calf: 종아리

  • Ankle: 발목

  • Foot: 발

  • Toes: 발가락

  • Heel: 뒤꿈치

Next week, we'll be diving into some more vocab with a focus on different organ systems. See you then!

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