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Most Common Korean Verbs | List of common korean vocab

Updated: Jul 2

I put together 30 common verbs in Korean. If you're a beginner I'd recommend learning as many of the most common korean verbs as you can 😉 If you are looking for a longer list with more words, you can look here! I also have lists of common nouns, adjectives, and verbs there as well.

You only need to know around 3-4,000 korean words to speak and understand most of the language. I definitely don't know tens of thousands of words, but I can still understand most of what I hear and read.

I recommend searching for GoBilly's video on youtube on how many words you need to know in Korean👍



지다 - to become

걱정하다 - to worry

대답하다 - to answer

들어오다 - to enter

물어보다 - to ask

사용하다 - to use

연습하다 - to practice

주문하다 - to order

기억하다/기억나다- to remember

벗다 - to remove, undress, take off (clothes)

꿈꾸다 - to dream (of)

다녀오다 - to go and get back

닫다 - to close

떨어지다 - to fall, to drop; to fail; to run out

미치다 - to go crazy

믿다 - to trust, believe

받다 - to get, to take, to receive

생각하다 - to think

설명하다 - to explain

웃다 - to laugh, to smile

이해하다 - to understand

잃어버리다 - to lose something (an object)

즐기다 - to enjoy, to have fun

청소하다 - to clean

취소하다 - to cancel

태어나다 - to be born

포기하다 - to give up

씻다 - to wash

바꾸다 - to change, to switch

기다리다 - to wait

달리다 - to run

보다 - to see, watch

운동하다 - to exercise

More words here on quizlet!


Time to test yourself! Here is a quiz you can take ~


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