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Online Shopping Vocab | Full Walkthrough - Sign Up to Check Out

여러분, 안녕하세요? 오랜만이에요 Precious 입니다! Today, we are going to learn how to online shop on Korean websites where there is typically no English version of the page and we can only click on random buttons to guess what they mean. This is a non exhaustive list but it is more than enough to get you started!


Many Korean online shopping platforms are for registered members only, and require users to sign in to proceed with their shopping.

로그인 log-in

로그인 상태 유지 stay logged in

아이디 ID

이메일 e-mail

비밀번호 password (lit. secret password)

패스워드 password

Ah you don't have an account yet, don't worry, let's create one together!

회원가입 membership registration/sign-up

개인정보 personal information

성명 name

연락처 phone number/contact number

Before your account set up is done, there will be a list of terms and conditions for you to go through and you may choose to accept or not to.

동의 accept

동의 안 함 do not accept

확인 confirm

취소 cancel

Now your account is set up, and you may start browsing and add to cart!

You are now scrolling for new clothes, and something caught your eye, are you going to save to wish-list, add to cart, or buy now?

위시 리스트 wish-list

장바구니 shopping cart

바로 구매 buy now

구매 하기 purchase

구매 수량 quantity to purchase

After adding your items to the shopping cart, it's time to check out. How would you make payment?

결제하기 pay

결제 수단 payment method

신용카드 credit card

무통장 입금 bank transfer

일시불 pay in full

할부 monthly installments

Some of the most popular online payment methods:

네이버 페이 Naver Pay

카카오페이 Kakao Pay

페이코 Payco

Hold on, how are you going to get your stuff delivered to you when you haven't add your 주소 - address?

If it is a 선물 - gift, you might want to indicate the 받으시는 분 - recipient.

There may be a text field for you to leave a message for the delivery personnel, such as instructions like "물건을 문 앞에 놓아주세요" [Please leave the package/items in front of the door].


Thanks for reading, hope you gained confidence in online shopping on Korean platforms! 다음에 보자!


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