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The difference between 뭐, 무슨, 어떤, 어느

안녕하세요! Not a long time since I didn't write here but I have got an other idea! Maybe a lot of people are like me and have an hard time to know which one choose between all these prepositions so I will tell you how to chose!

First, we have . It means What (and can be use like it) and it's a pronoun so you can't use it with a noun. For instance:

이거 뭐예요? : What is this ?

저거 뭐예요? : What is that ?

스마트폰이 뭐예요?: What is a smart phone?

영화 뭐 봐요?: What are you watching? WARNING You need to switch the order because you're talking about the movie that the person is watching.

Second, there is 무슨. It means What+noun, What kind of+ noun. It's more like an adjective and it precise a noun. For example:

무슨 맛 좋아해요?: Which flavor do you like?

무슨 소리예요?: What sound is that? (when you heard a strange sound or when you don't understand what a person is saying)

무슨 책이에요?: What kind of book is it? (what is the title of the book or they want you to describe the book)

무슨 영화 봐요?: What kind of movie do you watch? What movie do you watch? (someone is watching a movie and you just passing by)

Third, we have 어떤. It also means What kind of... ?, What is ... like?. For instance:

어떤 책 좋아하세요?: What kind of book do you like? (more precise) (what style of book do you like? Love romance,...)

어떤 음악 좋아하세요?: What kind of music do you like ?

그 사람 어떤 사람이에요?: What is he/she like?

Finally, there is 어느. It means Which (of these).

어느 쪽이에요?: Which way is it?

어느 책 골랐어요?: Which book did you choose? (you may have different options, a book selection)

어느 색 더 나아요?: Which colour is the best ? (when you know the different colours you can choose)

어느 영화 붜요?: Which movie are you watching? (this one or this one?)

Different meaning:

-이거 무슨 책이에요? VS 이거 어떤 책이에요?

It can be translated to the same English sentence: What kind of book is it ? The second one is more what does you make it feel, What kind of style is this? Here you say a little more about the book.

The first one can answer by It's a science book.

-어떤 책이 좋아요? VS 어느 책이 좋아요?

The first one is more about describing the book itself and the second one is Which book do you like better/is good ?

It's the end of this blog . Hope you have enjoy it and that it will help you!



행복은 이미 완성된 것이 아니라, 당신의 행동으로부터 오는 것이다. Happiness is not something readymade. It comes from your own actions.


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This was so helpful!


thank you !



I remember when I was very confused which of these words to use in certain situation. Today, I think, I can do better than before, but occasionally I may still mess it up. Not happiness is the only thing what isn't readymade, language skills are also something you have to work on, and depend on your actions.


I was so confused too when I learned all of this haha I'm not sure every time but I I work on it I can do it :) it's true in this quote you can change happiness with a lot of word I think :)

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