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~더라도 Lesson | "Even If" In Korean

Updated: Mar 4

안녕하세요 여러분! I am Vaibhavi. In Korean, the connector ~더라도 serves as a key to unlock the door to expressing "even if" scenarios.

In this blog post, we will explore the intricacies of using ~더라도 and delve into various situations where this grammar structure can be effectively employed.

Understanding ~더라도 :

~더라도 is a compound connector created by combining ~더라 and ~도. ~더라 means "even if," while ~도 is a connector implying "even" or "also." Combined, ~더라도 is an effective grammar tool for expressing hypothetical events and conditions.


To use ~더라도, simply attach it to the stem of a verb or an adjective. The structure is as follows:

[Verb/Adjective stem] + ~더라도.

Let's take a look:

Examples with Verbs:

  1. Even if it rains tomorrow, I will go to the park.= 내일 비가 오더라도, 나는 공원에 갈 거예요.

  2. Even if she studies hard, it's challenging to pass the exam. = 그녀가 열심히 공부해도,

  3. Even if we meet late, let's have dinner together. = 우리가 늦게 만나더라도, 함께 저녁을 먹자.

Examples with Adjectives:

  1. Even if it's expensive, I want to buy that watch. = 비싸더라도, 나는 그 시계를 사고 싶어요.

  2. Even if the movie is boring, I will watch it for the actors. = 영화가 재미없더라도, 배우들 때문에 볼 거예요.

  3. Even if the restaurant is crowded, we should try their famous dish. = 식당이 붐비더라도,

Here's a little Vocabulary Breakdown

Vocabulary Breakdown:

  1. 내일 (Noun) - tomorrow

  2. 비 (Noun) - rain

  3. 공원 (Noun) - park

  4. 갈 거예요 (Phrase) - will go

  5. 열심히 (Adverb) - hard, diligently

  6. 공부해도 (Verb) - study

  7. 시험 (Noun) - exam

  8. 통과하기는 어려워요 (Phrase) - it's challenging to pass

  9. 늦게 (Adverb) - late

  10. 만나더라도 (Verb) - meet

  11. 함께 (Adverb) - together

  12. 저녁 (Noun) - dinner

  13. 먹자 (Phrase) - let's eat

  14. 비싸더라도 (Adjective) - even if it's expensive

  15. 시계 (Noun) - watch (timepiece)

  16. 사고 싶어요 (Phrase) - want to buy

  17. 재미없더라도 (Adjective) - even if it's boring

  18. 배우들 (Noun) - actors

  19. 요리 (Noun) - dish

More Examples:

  1. Even if it rains, I will go to the festival.= 비가 오더라도 나는 축제에 갈 거예요.

  2. Even if work is busy, I will find time to meet with my friend. = 일이 바빠서 바쁘더라도 친구와 만날 시간을 찾아내다.

  3. Even if I'm sick, I have to take the exam. = 아프더라도 시험을 봐야 해.

  4. Even if there's no money, one can still be happy.= 돈이 없더라도 행복할 수 있다.

  5. Even if the car breaks down, I won't be late. = 차가 고장나더라도 시간에 늦지 않을게요.

  6. Even if you don't like coffee, I will make tea for you.= 커피를 좋아하지 않더라도 차를

  7. Even if it's difficult, you just need to study hard.= 어렵더라도 열심히 공부하면 돼.

That’s it for this lesson! Drop a heart if you enjoyed the lesson. With practice, you'll be able to confidently express a variety of hypothetical circumstances in Korean.


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